New Ranger Vision app gets students snapping (WilderQuest, Australia)

By: NSW National Park and Wildlife Service

Students have the chance to contribute to real ecological research by taking photos of NSW’s amazing plants and wildlife on a new app launched by Environment Minister Gabrielle Upton.


“The Ranger Vision app is a great way to get kids outside in our environment as citizen scientists, taking photos of all the birds, plants, reptiles and other types of wildlife in their local area,” Ms Upton said.

“While the students develop their scientific skills using smart technology, their contributions also help researchers to better understand local biodiversity.”

The interactive educational tool developed by NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service combines nature and technology to help teachers deliver exciting lessons in and out of the classroom.

“Using the app, students work together to categorise sightings of different plants and animals to add to Australian and global biodiversity databases,” Ms Upton said.

The Ranger Vision app is the latest addition to the award-winning WilderQuest Learning program aimed at primary school students.

“The WilderQuest program has 978 schools in NSW currently involved and the Ranger Vision app is another free educational tool teachers can use to promote our local environment and heritage,” Ms Upton said.

Primary school teachers can sign up to WilderQuest learning, activate their class and follow the steps to download the Ranger Vision app on both Apple and Android devices at

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