A passion for nature leads to the creation of a sanctuary for learning

This excerpt is reposted here with permission from the Children & Nature Network. Read the full article, written by Amber Amaya, at https://www.childrenandnature.org/resources/forging-latinx-cultural-connections-through-art-and-nature/

 Amanda Segura’s passion for nature and children, and her background in horticulture and environmental science, laid the foundation for the nature-based curriculum at Riverbanks Nature Preschool in South Carolina.

With unwavering determination, this environmental educator set her sights on a remarkable vision: creating a sanctuary of learning in the heart of South Carolina. Fully aware of the profound impact that nature-based programs can have on young minds, Amanda dreamed of unveiling the very first nature preschool in the state.

As the Garden Education Manager at Riverbanks Zoo & Botanical Garden, Amanda embarked on a bold venture, giving life to an extraordinary nature preschool nestled within the zoo’s 170-acre campus.

Read Amanda’s full story here.


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