Afrikan youth to lead “caravan” to climate change conference (COP27)

Afrikan youth to lead “caravan” to climate change conference (COP27)

Submitted by the Kenya Environmental Action Network


On August 18th, Kenya Environmental Action Network with its partners Youth4Nature, Youth Sustainable Development Network and Action for Nature launched the Afrika Youth Caravan to COP27. This initiative is a roadmap that brings together regional compatriots to shape the Afrikan message of resilience ahead of the key climate Conference set for 6th-18th November, 2022 in Sharm El Sheik, Egypt. The youth involved in the  Caravan seek to change perceptions and show that Afrikan youth are much more involved than simply “ticking the diversity card”.

Key stakeholders, governments, civil society, the private sector, academia, youth, Indigenous peoples and local communities are rallying behind the commitments of the Glasgow Climate Pact in the lead up to the Climate talks later this year in Sharm El Sheikh.

At the UNFCCC COP26 conference in Glasgow, it was clear that the voice of the people shaped the agenda and showed leadership. The people – youth, indigenous groups, most affected people, small islands and developing states, all rose against mere commitments. They demanded urgent, serious action, accompanied by climate financing & addressing of loss and damage by the developed world and fossil fuel groups.

This year’s United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change Conference of the Parties 27 (COP27) is a huge opportunity for young Afrikans to take the lead, push forth for meaningful participation and have their voices heard.

The Afrikan Youth Caravan will start in various locations and then move across the continent during the months leading up to COY17 (Conference of Youth) and COP27. It’s messaging is built around three major focus areas – resilience, just energy transition and youth action. Through its sub-regional workshops, the Afrika Youth Caravan to COP27 is bringing together youth to formulate policy recommendations and shape the messaging of resilience, just energy transition and youth action to the COP27 Presidency, strategic partners and processes – with a final forum in Egypt prior to the UNFCCC COP27.

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