Bosco Juma’s story: tackling illegal waste and unemployment at the same time

Photo: On routine work, serving our community.
© Big Ship CBO

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It’s 2009. My priority is to survive and serve my community. As a young and energetic person straight out of high school, I couldn’t find a better thing to do than help save my community from drowning in illegal waste while combatting high levels of unemployment.

Together with like-minded youths, I decided to give it a shot and soon found myself as a director of a community-based organization.

Our story has not only inspired more youths to follow in our footsteps but has provided key partners with a mirror to reflect on what could become of people like us when given the opportunity in a conducive environment to exercise our talents, skills and knowledge in an ever-challenging world.

Today I am not only a director but I have managed to give back to my community by facilitating the development of social enterprises that provide solutions to real problems in real-time.


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