Canadian youth celebrate nature with poetry

Submitted by Esther Vininsky-Oakes, Editor-in-Chief at The Starfish

To celebrate the Fall season, #NatureForAll partner The Starfish Canada published poetry submissions from writers across Canada in its Youth Journal. The writers shared their thoughts and feelings around the changing season.

At a time when our climate is changing at an alarming rate, creative writing is an outlet for youth to cope with the distress that comes with change in their lives and the natural world. As we move from late Fall to winter, poetry gives us all a chance to stop and take a breath – to appreciate the natural beauty and stillness in the nature around us.

I hope that perusing these poems from Canadian youth gives you, the reader, a chance to experience that same peace and, most importantly, feel a part of our growing community of young changemakers and storytellers. You can read all of the poetry submissions here.

“A Season’s Shift” by Akaran Siva
“The Things around us: A Poetry Series” by Robynn Moffat
“Kingdom of Moss and Leaves” by Esther Vininsky-Oakes
“The Changing of Seasons” by Ashley
“As Seasons go by” by Junior
“Halloween Month” by Cheyla McNally Rondon
“Amber and Scarlet” by Karima Safi
“Fall” by Cheyla McNally Rondon
“Hope” by Lotte Kaija
“Deficiency” by Miranda
“Seasonal Sadness” by Cheyla McNally Rondon
“Growing like the Trees” by Miranda


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