Delphine Robbe’s plan for island sustainability

Photo: Raising awareness about the rubbish dump
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Delphine Robbe shares her vision for waste management in very touristic area of Indonesia. Explore Yayasan Ekosistem Gili Indah / Gili Eco Trust’s full solution to this challenge on the Panorama Solution platform.

After creating a base of waste management in a sustainable and educational way with a complete network with all Gili Trawangan businesses and communities, we would like to expand our projects for even more recycling and upcycling, composting a bigger volume of organic waste with more land and being able to start some bigger permaculture projects, more people trained so the project can be replicated in other islands in Indonesia and all over the world. We would also expand our projects to tackle the marine pollution through disposable plastics by working with more communities in Lombok which would collect rubbish instead of dumping in river beds and littering all over the primitive island. So free workshops will be organised for each villages and communities.

Our long term goal will be to use the awareness and traction we have generated through this project to raise additional funding for the implementation of some locally empowered eco-rules such as: banning plastic bags and plastic straws and encouraging refill water stations rather than buying disposable water bottles.

The well being and the future of this island and making it sustainable is my job, my dream and my life goal. I will be working full time on that project to manage the combination of projects that we have put in place and that we want to expand. I will need to delegate to be successful, so I will hire new people who help me manage all these actions and becoming bigger for larger in terms of networking and creating an example. Our goal is to educate as many people as possible, with repetitive education and raising awareness about our environment, waste, sewage, solutions, we hope to get many people feeling responsible of their impacts as well as some becoming true eco warriors to help their island become an eco example of green tourism integrating education towards sustainability and zero waste.


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