Governance for adaptation in the shared Sixaola River basin.

Sixaola binational river basin, shared by Costa Rica and Panama, flows into the Caribbean sea. The area has a ​​high biodiversity and cultural richness with a mixed afro-descendant and indigenous population.

Communities face social vulnerability and lack adaptation capacities. The area is threathened by an increasing habitat fragmentation, changes in rainfall patterns and rising incidences of extreme weather events, particularly floods, all affecting local livelihoods.

The solution aims to strengthen transboundary governance and improve institutional adaptation capacities. By working with the Binational Commission of the Sixaola River Basin (CBCRS), promoting public participation, while achieving greater binational cooperation and up-scaling solutions to basin scale.

A governance model was used that was multidimensional, participatory, flexible and ecosystemic, in order to foster adaptation actions that enhance local livelihoods and healthy ecosystems.

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