Karla Wheelock – a role model for #NatureForAll

Karla Wheelock – a role model for #NatureForAll

It was 1999 when a Mexican woman from Saltillo, Coahuila, embarked on the hazardous journey to reach the summit of Mount Everest by the northern route, becoming the first Latin American woman to achieve this feat. This was Karla Wheelock, a woman with an iron will, who after coming down alive, owed a debt of gratitude to the Mountain, the great master, and to nature, that in their mystical generosity enabled her to return with something more than the glory of the summit:  a heart ready to change the world. 

After this, she started a program to work with the children and youth of Mexico. She spent over 10 years launching call for tenders in public schools for limited resources from Mexico City in which she had the challenge of creating groups of five students and a teacher to undertake environmental projects.  

All participants start a project in which through trips to various nature spaces, they learn skills that enable them to progress in their projects and initiate a process of personal growth. 

At the end, the winners receive the grand prize of visiting pristine locations in the world, such as Antarctica or Biosphere Reserves such as El Triunfo or the island of Espíritu Santo, and on these trips, they are surprised by and learn from nature, because as Karla Wheelock says, nature is the Great Master. 

The work of Karla Wheelock is a clear role model for #NatureForAll, a global movement whose mission is to inspire love for nature.

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