National Park Citizen’s College for education of local communities

National Park Citizen’s College, an Education Programme for local people, has been run by Korea National Park Service since 2008. It aims to enhance local people’s understanding of their neighbouring national parks. The two-month programme consists of 10 lectures which cover various aspects relating to national parks: management system and policy; natural and cultural resources; major management activities; field experience. Starting with Seoraksan National Park in 2008, from 2008 to 2018, 4,819 people have participated in the National Park Citizen College to date. At the initial stage, the participants were mostly local people living in or close to national parks, but nowadays urban citizens also join the National Park Citizen College. As a result, people from each part of our society increase their awareness of national parks and their importance. National Park Citizen College serves as a platform for fostering supporters for national parks at the local level.

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