Nicole Digruber’s story: creating a new urban park in Fernbrae Meadows, Scotland

Nicole participating in activity
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I met Karen (Fernbrae Meadow’s Park Ranger) through her own company Wildly Wise where I joined some of here events and my children also attended quite a few. Subsequently, we kept running into each other on the greenspace and I started volunteering for some of the events she was holding. We started to talk about the project and she asked me if I would want to join the friends group. I was more than happy to do that and we have been working closely together since. Karen has provided me with many opportunities to get involved and also to attend training sessions. I have done a batwalk leader training with the rangers and I have been invited to the Eden Project in Cornwall for a Community training camp for people involved in community projects which is really exciting.

I have been using the greeenspace for the last few years a lot as I walk my dogs there and also spend some time their observing wildlife and just to enjoy nature. I like walking and photography so it is a great space right at my door step. I enjoy being part of the friends group as I get to meet a lot of likeminded people and I feel like I can contribute to making a difference in the area by organising events and learning more about the wildlife in the park. I was really happy when I found out it wouldn’t just be another building site for houses as there is so much wildlife there and quite a few people are using the space for their walks with dogs as well as horses at times.

The greenspace means a lot to me as I live very close by and I am glad that it will be preserved for us to use. I have two children and they love the outdoors and it is great that they have a space in walking distance where they can run around, learn, join events, explore and just be children. I am also very passionate about growing fruit and veg and when I heard that there will be a community garden and possibly allotments I was super excited. I have been on the allotment waiting list for the South Lanarkshire area for over 10 years by now and I believe there is a lot of demand for growing spaces. We have established links with other friends groups which I believe is important. I believe the health walks will be a great benefit to the community as well.


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