The Everyday Nature (Global)

The Everyday Nature believes that each one of us has a story that carries a powerful message within. 


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The Goal

An attempt to understand how people across the world perceive nature and its processes.

One of the key objectives of this project was to portray human- nature relation in a simple yet profound way. In a world divided by race, caste, creed, gender The Everyday Nature endeavors to reclaim love, peace, and happiness of humanity by making people pause for a moment to answer ‘What does nature mean to you?’ The whole exercise was to make people take some time away from their busy schedules to give a thought about their connection with nature. The thought is the essential precursor of action, and at The Everyday Nature, we believe that ‘one question’ or ‘one idea’ about the environment has the potential trigger several positive actions.



The Solution

We asked people everywhere to answer the question what does nature mean to them?

Founder of this project Helina loved stories and wanted to create a space for people to communicate their stories of nature. The Everyday Nature firmly believes that each one of us carries within us a little bit of nature that needs a platform to speak. It believes in giving people time and space to think about their connection with the environment. The project was officially launched in January 2017 in Vancouver in partnership with Institute for Resources Environment and Sustainability (UBC).  Initially, with the support of friends and family, it was connected shared with individuals, networks, and organizations across the world.

Over last six months, there has been several positive feedback and responses.  Next year we hope to expand the project to capture the narrations of more and more people.



The Results

  • Within 6 months of the launch, The Everyday Nature has captured stories from more than 25 countries.

  • The project described narrations of 30 individuals (more to come) highlighting the themes of love, peace, culture, hope, anxiety.

  • The Everyday Nature blog posts are read by people across 60 countries and have more than 100 social media followers.

  • Institute for Resources Environment and Sustainability (IRES) at University of British Columbia and Nature for All are the current partners.



Insider Tip

  • Everyone likes to speak about their relation with nature, all they need is time and right platform

  • Find partners that share similar vision and passion.

  • Keep projects that involve people simple and non-judgemental.

  • Have gratitude for loving family (in my case my supportive husband) and friends.





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