Students On Ice (Canada)

The Polar Regions are powerful experiential learning environments, fostering in youth a deeper understanding of, and appreciation for, the natural world.
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The Goal - 

We believe in the power of connecting youth to nature and fostering within them an appreciation for the planet, themselves and each other.

Students on Ice was established in 2000 when founder Geoff Green came up with the idea to bring youth on expeditions to the Arctic and Antarctic. The mission has since been to educate the world’s youth about the importance of the Polar Regions, to support their continued growth and to inspire initiatives that contribute to global sustainability.

Today, SOI works to instil an understanding of how the Arctic and Antarctic are both critical and essential parts of our Planet. They illuminate our history and are cornerstones of our global ecosystem and our future. They are homelands, wilderness, frontiers, laboratories, and classrooms on the frontlines of environmental, cultural, political, social, and economic change.

The Solution - 

Our expeditions are profound, hands-on experiences for youth to bridge cultures, learn from experts about climate change, biodiversity, traditional knowledge, and gain the inspiration and motivation needed to help lead us to a healthier and more sustainable future.

Experiential education is the foundation of the SOI approach; we are dedicated to inspiring and supporting youth and providing them the necessary tools to instil positive change in their communities and around the world.

Our expeditions take youth from around the world on life changing journeys to the Polar Regions. The natural world serves as a portal and catalyst for dialogue related to these regions ranging from arts and culture, history and politics, science and sustainable development, glaciology and climate change, economy, governance and geopolitics and cross cultural sharing and discussions. Throughout their learning experience we support each participant in developing a strong sense of self and a personal paradigm of ability and opportunity.

The Results -

2,700 alumni from 52 countries making a difference in their communities and beyond.

The expedition and SOI’s Alumni Program inspire and support alumni to:

  • Share their experiences through presentations, media, writing books, and producing documentaries
  • Become globally-minded citizens engaged in their communities
  • Define career goals and pursue dreams
  • Earn scholarships and internship opportunities
  • Access research grants
  • Get involved in or form youth networks, working towards addressing social and environmental issues
  • Collaborate with partners, policy, and decision-makers
  • Participate in international conferences
  • Create and lead organizations dedicated to fostering understanding for and appreciation of the natural world

Insider Tip -

Flexibility is key.

  • Educators
  • Immersion in nature
  • Bridging cultures
  • Intergenerational knowledge

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