INSIDER TIPS - Children and Youth Empowerment

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Over 40 #NatureForAll partners have shared their success stories and resources with #NatureForAll to help us learn from one another, increase knowledge, overcome barriers, and scale up projects and programmes that connect people with nature.

The following is a list of insider tips from #NatureForAll partners who have successfully empowered children and youth in nature.  These tips are based on the knowledge that childhood experiences are a foundation of support for conservation. Generally speaking, children who enjoy many positive experiences in nature are more likely to show pro environmental attitudes and behaviours.  

Check out these insider tips on how to empower YOUR children and youth to connect with nature:

  1. “Take sketchbooks and drawing materials to a nearby park or natural area. Sit quietly, observe, sketch, draw diagrams (of groupings of plants or movements of creatures), and write down questions (for instance, why do birds take off from the pond in the same direction?)”. .ʺ - IUCN Curriculum Sourcebook offering a hands-on activity that makes learning and engaging with the environment fun and educational (Global).
  2. “The ‘Sun Children’ directly improve their local environment through developing and implementing their own projects.” - The Foundation for the Preservation of Wildlife and Cultural Assets’ Sun Child Eco Clubs (Armenia) on how encouraging children to take photos and videos can help them create their own understanding of environmental issues.
  3. “Our number one message to adults is “Listen to your kids.” / Our number one message to today’s youth is “Tell every adult you know what you are passionate about.”  - One More Generation (USA) on walking the walk as their founders, Olivia (15) and Carter (16) work to connect youth to every level of decision making, giving a platform for a strong youth voice.
  4. “Focusing on and staying true to the mission of empowering youth.” – Kupu (Hawaii) on keeping their mission at the forefront of as they inspire and train the next generation of environmental stewards and community leaders, who will create a resilient and more sustainable Hawaii.

Looking at these tips, it's clear that it is not about what you say; rather, it’s what you do! With proper support, young leaders will create a world where the environment is cared for and loved by all for generations to come.

Call to action: How do you model outdoor time for children in your life? Do they ever see you having fun outside?  You can empower young nature leaders whatever your field of work or age may be.