Krishna De

Artist Krishna De from Kolkata, India, is an alumnus of the Government College of Art & Craft in India. She has been recognized by various nature and conservation organizations like WildRoots as a “nature artist who inspires young people to identify themselves with Nature and the wilderness”.

WildRoots - Art for Conservation

Art for Conservation is a section of WildRoots that supports wildlife habitat conservation, disseminates environmental educational material and promotes awareness through art that celebrates nature: a place where imaginations and expressions run “WILD”!

Beatriz Padilla

“I am an activist painter, a wilderness ambassador, an artist irretrievably in love with Earth’s flora, fauna, substrates and cycles. Out in the wild, quiet and fairly still, creatively immersed in nature for hefty continuums of time, my communion with the multiple dimensions of each habitat gains in depth as I endeavor to render homage to its millenary evolution and present-day significance, portraying its particular expression, its unique character, its sounds.” – Beatriz Padilla

Exploring by the Seat of your Pants (EBTSOYP) - Coral Reef and 30x30 Drawing Contest

Exploring By The Seat Of Your Pants partnered up with OceanWise and Reef Environments: Ecosystem, Function and Society (REEFS) to organize the Coral Reef Drawing Contest, inviting children to fill in the submarine ‘window’ with images of something that you could hypothetically find in a coral reef: fish, crustaceans, sea snakes, sharks, even groups of scuba divers! To view all drawings click here.

Exploring By The Seat Of Your Pants also launched another drawing contest for classmates and teachers focusing on the theme of 30×30: to showcase all the good that will come from the global effort to preserve 30 percent of the planet by the year 2030. To view all drawings click here.

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