From February 7-21, 2023, #NatureForAll hosted the Love Fest, a celebration of inspiring personal love of nature stories! Over the previous year, #NatureForAll highlighted partner stories and storytelling campaigns. It was a time to celebrate these inspirational people and moments!

Over these two weeks, #NatureForAll partners from around the world shared inspirational stories, hosted webinars and live events and participated in the two-day My #NatureLoveStory event.

#NatureForAll Love Fest Launch

February 6, 2023

Launch event in Vancouver, Canada alongside IMPAC5, celebrating nature during the World Commission on Protected Areas (WCPA) Awards Ceremony and International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) networking event.
Watch the ceremony below!

Ocean Dialogues

February 6-9, 2023

Ocean Conservation 4 Schools – LIVE from IMPAC5 gave schools around the world an opportunity to meet, listen and speak with 4 young professionals who are creating a wave of hope and change to ensure a healthy ocean. 

Youth Dialogue

February 7, 2023

IMPAC5 youth panelists from partners Parks Canada, Ocean Wise, Students On IceLearning for a Sustainable Future, CaNOE & Nature Canada explored how diversity, inclusion & Indigenous Traditional Knowledge play a role in marine conservation.

The Story Collider 

February 7, 2023

The Story Collider put on an evening, inspired by #NatureForAll, of true, personal stories about science that focus on the love of nature and how that love inspires us toward conservation. An IMPAC5 side event hosted by Josh Silberg and Charlie Cook.

Panorama Solutions

February 7-17, 2023

Throughout the Love Fest Panorama — Solutions for a healthy planet shared inspiring stories related to successful efforts at overcoming challenges related to biodiversity conservation and broader sustainability issues on their Twitter account.

Reverse the Red Stories

February 7-21, 2023

Starting with Reverse the Red Day from February 7-21, Reverse the Red shared inspiring stories of action from people dedicating their lives to protecting biodiversity across social media on TwitterFacebook and Instagram.

Self-Care in Nature

February 8, 2023

In this virtual workshop hosted by the Children & Nature Network, caregivers, parents and practitioners learned how to, where to and why they should be practicing self-care in nature and teaching it to the children in their lives.

Brooklyn Story Lab stories

February 13-20, 2023

Brooklyn Story Lab shared 7 inspirational stories of their partners who are moving the needle on the critical steps we need to take to preserve the planet on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Take a look at all the stories they shared for the Love Fest!

Winter Challenge 

February 13-24, 2023

The Take Me Outside Challenge encouraged educators and learners to embrace the season and get outside, no matter the weather. Each year, they showcase some of the many activities that can be enjoyed outdoors! Find inspiration through #TMOWinterChallenge!

Luncheon of Love 

February 14, 2023

On February 14th, Agents of Discovery hosted their virtual Valentine’s Day Luncheon of Love! Participants learned about love in nature and gained inspiration from others. With partners Wonders of Wildlife National Museum and Aquarium. Watch the recording.

Green Teachers podcast

February 14, 2023

On Valentine’s Day Green Teacher released a podcast episode on the power of nature stories with Jesse Hildebrand from Exploring By The Seat Of Your Pants and chair of #NatureForAll Canada. Featuring nature love stories from Alysa McCall, Jai Sharma and Jill Heinerth!


Feb. 14-March 23, 2023

To celebrate 10 years of National Eucalypt Day on 23rd March, Eucalypt Australia kicked off a eucalypt lovefest on Valentine’s Day! They asked Australians to share a photo on social media that represents their love for
eucalypts with #LoveAGum!

Photo Dialogue 

February 16, 2023

The IUCN Commission on Education and Communication (CEC) invited people to explore how photography is being used to conserve and protect nature with three panelists and a moderator. Watch the recording!

Interview Premiere

February 19, 2023

#NatureForAll launched 4 in-depth interviews with Storytelling Festival submitters. They shared when they first fell in love with nature, took a deep dive into the creative process behind their projects and discussed their journeys! 

Interview Premiere

February 19, 2023

#NatureForAll launched 4 in-depth interviews with Storytelling Festival submitters. They shared when they first fell in love with nature, took a deep dive into the creative process behind their projects and discussed their journeys! 

My #NatureLoveStory

February 20-21, 2023

Over 50 nature-lovers from around the world shared their #NatureLoveStory live on February 20 and 21. on the #NatureForAll Youtube channel. Meet all the speakers below and check out the full My #NatureLoveStory schedule.

Green Ummah’s story 

February 21, 2023

The Outdoor Learning Store’s Jade Berrill hosted Aadil Nathani of Green Ummah, a non-profit organization with the goal of creating a green movement that loves the Earth in the Muslim community.

 Storytelling Contest

Deadline – February 21, 2023

What inspires your love of nature? Wherever you are in the world, your story can inspire others to spend time outdoors. Families In Nature invited people to share their love story for a chance to win a week stay in a South Padre Island beach house.

EBTSOYP 30×30 Art Campaign

Deadline – February 28, 2023

Exploring by the Seat of your Pants invited classrooms from around the world to take part in a drawing contest of what students imagine the world would look like by 2030, inspired by the global effort to preserve 30 percent of the planet by the year 2030.

My #NatureLoveStory Event — February 20-21, 2023

Over 50 nature-lovers from around the world shared their #NatureLoveStory live on February 20 and 21 on the #NatureForAll Youtube channel.

Take a look at the full My #NatureLoveStory schedule!

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

Part 8

Meet the My #NatureLoveStory speakers

Alaïs Nevert, Canada

I am the #NatureForAll communications officer. I coordinate #NatureForAll communications and support campaign strategies, events and engagement with global partners. I have worked for Parks Canada for over 10 years in many parts of the country doing photo, video and youth engagement.

Aleksa Nitsis, Canada

I am a guest on Turtle Island and one of the Program Managers for Natural Curiosity. I am a recent graduate of the Master of Teaching program at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education and hold an Honours Bachelor of Arts in International Development from the University of Guelph. As a passionate high school geography and history educator committed to the equity, mental health OISE, and achievement of students, I have supported transformative and inquiry-based professional learning opportunities for the past two years as a Program Assistant for Natural Curiosity. I am thrilled to unlearn and relearn alongside educators across Turtle Island to bring the importance of Indigenous perspectives into the heart of education, in the spirit of Truth and Reconciliation.

Alexandra Lasso, Colombia

Soy una mujer enamorada de la naturaleza, adicta al pajareo y convencida de que la educación ambiental, especialmente en los niños; es una herramienta super poderosa para que los humanos logremos entender que somos uno con la madre tierra y por lo tanto debemos respetarla y amarla. De mi abuelo aprendí a dejar fluir la niña que llevo dentro, pues es ella quien se asombra con cada cosa que ve, siente, toca en los bosques, es gracias a ella que escapo del mundo consumista insulso para mantenerme VIVA! Soy profe de ciencias naturales (pero odio el salón de clases) y fundadora de Pajareritos (, una organización que siembra la semilla de conservación en los corazones de niños y niñas a través de la observación de aves.  Estoy segura que venimos a este mundo con una misión y en pajareritos materializo la mía dándole sentido a mi existencia.

Ana Valerie Mandri, Mexico/Canada

I am the co-founder and CEO of Zamia Media. I work to provide social and environmental organizations with tools and capacities to increase their impact. I am also a regional vice-chair of the Commission for Education and Communication of the IUCN.

Biswajit De, India

I am the founder and president of WildRoots-India, an organization for climate, environmental, biodiversity awareness and conservation education based in Guwahati, Assam, India. I am also a recipient of the National Green Mentor Award, Government of India and Global Teacher Accreditation from the British Council & Cambridge Education Foundation. As a nationally recognised illustrator and designer, I primarily use art and design to connect the youth and communities to activities and programmes related to environmental protection, climate change mitigation and conservation.

Blake Correia, Canada

I am a Public Outreach and Education Officer with Parks Canada and have worked with everything from artifacts to turtles to trees. Living, working and recreating in a National Park keeps me connected to nature in everything I do. I like all things new: experiences, places, people, culture… you name it! In life, I have found it is crucial to make the most of every opportunity you have, because you never know if it will present itself again. This motto has taken me on some unreal adventures and allowed me to develop a strong appreciation for our beautiful country, Canada!

Boglárka Amrein Tamásné Miskolczi, Hungary

In my ecological farm, I am involved in the research of wildlife-human relations: my goal is to develop a production practice based on cooperation that can create a long-term sustainable balance between agricultural production and biological diversity. Walking among herbs, native trees and pollen-giving flowers, listening to the birds singing, I can experience the thousand-faceted experience of connecting with nature every day, and I try to share its priceless values with as many people as possible during my work – this is how science, practice and my life are intertwined, so the love of nature becomes a life goal and a vocation.

Christina Renowden, Australia

I am focused on science and environmental education, with a background in conservation and frog ecology. I am the Victoria Nature Festival Coordinator and a citizen science and ArtScience advocate at the Arthur Rylah Institute (ARI).

David Borish, Canada

I am a social and health researcher and visual artist pushing the boundaries to explore and understand relationships between humans and the environment. My work combines documentary film, public health, cultural and social wellbeing, wildlife conservation, and audio-visual research methods. I am the director of HERD: Inuit Voices on Caribou, a community-led and research-based documentary film all about a 99% decline of a caribou population and what that means for Inuit well-being in Labrador, Canada. The film has been broadcasted on CBC in Canada, has been screened at more than 15 international film festivals, and will be available on the WaterBear Network in 2023. I have also worked as an instructor for the Harvard Youth Summit on Climate, Equity and Health, and as a visual educator for National Geographic Student Expeditions in Iceland and Alaska. Additionally, I led visual-based projects about environmental and social sustainability in Peru, Nepal, Kenya and Malaysia.

Ed Santry, England

In 2019, London was announced as the world’s first National Park City. I work as one of two Ranger Programme and Community Managers to support our Ranger volunteers (150 and counting!), local community groups and partners across London in helping to make the city greener, healthier and wilder. With a background in community-led conservation, I support a range of projects including greening initiatives, health and wellbeing, youth programmes and nature art collaborations.

Eduardo Chankin Chankayun, Mexico

Eduardo Chankin pertenece a la cultura maya lacandon, estudio la licenciatura en gestión y desarrollo turístico en la universidad tecnológica de la selva. Actualmente promueve la conservación de la naturaleza y la cosmovisión maya de su cultura, asi mismo se desempeña como responsable en el programa de conservación del cocodrilo de pantano (Crocodylus moreletii) y monitoreo de fauna en el Santuario de Cocodrilo Tres Lagunas en la selva lacandona, México.

Eleanor Smith, Norway

I live in Bergen, Norway. I am a multilingual writer, copywriter, copy-editor, public relations professional and photographer. I love nature, animals and the arts. I volunteer every week and help people who find themselves in a challenging place in their lives. I work with organisations, companies, and individuals across a range of sectors, from nature protection and sustainability fields to mental health, social sciences, and the arts. I also write a regular blog, take a look,

Felipe Custer, Easter Island, Chile

I live and work on Easter Island. My work is focused on advancing the Sustainable Development Goals, primarily through environmental restoration, and empowering young people as changemakers. We’ve recently created a series of short videos protagonized by children, addressing key issues like soil and water conservation, as well the importance of plants and trees. We hope to get the message out to inspire young changemakers elsewhere.

Fern Hames, Australia

I am passionate about wild places, stories, and about connecting people with nature and knowledge. In my role as Director of the Arthur Rylah Institute for Environmental Research (ARI) in Victoria, Australia, I lead a team of researchers exploring ecology, environment, human behaviour change, and multiple ways of knowing place. We describe our work as “Science That Matters”, as we are all working to make a difference for nature. My own research background explored Antarctic algae, freshwater fish, and Australian rivers, and I’ve spent many years in engagement, environmental education and citizen science, from Australia’s wild deserts and Wet Tropics, to India and Pakistan. I’ve volunteered in Australia, Tanzania, and Myanmar, on environmental projects, and am a founding member of the Jane Goodall Institute Australia. I am committed to making a difference, and nourishing values-based leadership, which is collaborative, constructive, inclusive and legacy-minded.

Heather Kuhlken, United States

I am the Founder and Executive Director of the non-profit organization, Families in Nature, combining my experience as a biologist and educator with my passion for nature to inspire, train, and mentor the next generation of conservationists. I am one of the Co-Chair of IUCN’s #NatureForAll USA. I published the book, Adventures in Ecology: A Guidebook to Inspire Environmental Literacy, Outdoor Adventure, and Nature Connection for All, which provides more than 1,100 hands-on, science-based lessons for people of all ages. I am also a published nature and underwater photographer, contributing to climate change adaptation and ocean conservation work.

Isabel Fortes, Cabo Verde

I am a marine biologist and the coordinator of the Seabird Program at NGO Biosfera I, in Cape Verde. I am a great lover of nature and also the daughter of a fisherman and ex-hunter of the shearwater, an endemic Cabo Verde seabird that I now work to protect. My journey in Biosfera began in 2011, as a volunteer in the campaign to protect the shearwater. Through my work, I raise awareness and transmit more information about the captured species and explain the reason for the prohibition of hunting this bird. Today I am recognized as a good reference in the fight for the preservation and protection of the shearwater. And during the yearly seabird protection campaign, fishermen and ex-hunters join Biosfera in working to protect this bird.I continue to motivate, encourage and support people to play a proactive role in defending the environment and protecting nature.

Isabelle Kim-Lim, Canada

I am a Project Officer at Parks Canada for the IUCN #NatureForAll movement, where I assist the #NatureForAll team in communications, campaign strategy, events and engagement with global partners. My love for nature stems from my canoe camping guide days. In my free time, you can catch me hiking around Montreal, Quebec, where I was born and raised.

Dr. Jacob Job, United States

I am a conservationist, scientist, science communicator, and field recordist working to enhance conservation efforts by engaging the public on issues related to biodiversity, sustainability, and land conservation and preservation using natural sounds recordings, education, and stewardship. I am a National Geographic Explorer, project lead of ‘Sounds of Your Park’, and producer of Scientific American’s ‘National Park Nature Walks’ where listeners take guided audio tours of protected places across the country. I am currently the Associate Director of the Bird Genoscape Project, but spent the last 7 years as a member of the Sound and Light Ecology Team at Colorado State University. I received my PhD from Western Michigan University, M.S. from Eastern Michigan University, and B.S. from East Tennessee State University.

Jai Sharma, India

I am a National Geographic certified Educator, trainer and naturalist by profession. I am a passionate wildlife enthusiast and a member of the IUCN Commission for Education and Communication I am also a certified ornithologist, consultant, trainer & volunteer for the Forest department, supporting in biodiversity conservation projects and tiger/elephant census and surveys. I organized more than 100 nature study camps for over 5000 school children/ college students and individuals in various tiger reserves, national parks and reserved forests across the country. In these camps we have provided education and awareness about nature, wildlife identification behavior, bird watching, inter-relationships between all organisms, interdependence of different components of ecosystem, sustainable living, pollution control and climate change.

S. Jeshurun Vineeth Roshan, India

I am a documentary photographer from Chennai, India. My stories and muses evolved since I started nature photography seven years ago, until I stumbled upon the Indian Elephant. I was drawn by man’s interaction with the mammoth, and over time it was visually evident in the photographs I took how the animal was treated differently across the country. Because of recent changes in Indian laws giving a subtle nod ahead to private ownership, I believe we are at a crossroads, potentially set to witness a huge loss of tuskers from the wild populations. If we stay silent, we may face a loss of a rich and diverse gene pool. I believe compromise and community are also equivalent words alongside conservation and the years ahead are crucial to define whether we would return back to a time before the Wildlife Protection Act was passed at the turn of the millennium.

Jess Tyrrell, South Africa

I am a nature-allied psychotherapist and licensed clinical social worker with a specialization in Developmental Trauma and Complex-PTSD (NARM). I have over 22 years in nature connection work and an interdisciplinary Masters degree in Environmental Humanities that highlighted the importance of “bio” in bio-psycho-social wellbeing. Through my work, I have found that attachment relationships to the more-than-human world are critical for health – health of people as well as health of the environment. I consult within my private practice as an ecotherapist, as well as for a number of organizations on nature-based curriculum design, and facilitate rites of passage and other wilderness-based programmes. Between running programmes and therapy sessions, I also have a love for teaching workshops on traditional herbalism and foraging.

Joaquín Leguía, Peru

When I was a child, my parents divorced, and I moved to my grandmother’s house. There I spend most of my free time in an old orchard with three dogs. In that magical place I met Mother Earth, and she met me. She gave me freedom, security and unconditional love. Inspired by this, I founded ANIA – Association for Children and their Environment, with the mission of ensuring that new generations grow up with active empathy for life through innovative initiatives that bond them to Mother Earth and empower them as agents of change. To fulfill ANIA’s mission, we created the “TiNi – Children’s lands”, a space of land granted to children and youngsters where they play a leading role, nurture life and biodiversity, connect with Mother Earth and make her their ally to generate well-being for themselves, others, and our planet. TiNi is present in 10 countries and has become a means to recognize and include Mother Earth as teacher in the formal education system.

Kean Dao, United States

I am 16 years old and reside in Winterville, North Carolina. As a Junior at D.H. Conley Highschool. I am an Advisory Board member of Love A Sea Turtle, Co-founder of Environmental Droners, a developer of the “Litter Locator” web-app, an EarthEcho Water Challenge Ambassador, and a part of the Starling Collective – an international organization helping to scale initiatives across the globe. I am involved in Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA), where I hold the position of Vice-President of Testing Events for the largest FBLA chapter in the state.

Kaluki Paul Mutuku, Kenya

I am a climate activist and environmentalist, working to improve youth participation in decision-making around climate justice. I am the co-founder and executive director of the Kenya Environmental Action Network and regional director with Youth4Nature.

Laís Fleury, Brazil-USA

I have twenty years of experience as a social entrepreneur, and have been a Fellow of Ashoka Social Entrepreneurs since 2003. I co-founded the NGO Associação Vaga Lume, which works to encourage reading in rural communities in the Amazon region. I also worked as an outdoor educator for NOLS and Outward Bound Brazil, becoming an advocate for a childhood connected to nature in recent years. I am currently the Director of Institutional Relations at the Alana Foundation. I am a member of the Leadership Council of ISGA and Co-Chair IUCN #NatureForAll USA. 

Lisa Gill, Germany

I started off my career in academia, as researcher of animal behaviour, with a strong focus on vocal interactions in birds. Since the extraordinary silence of the first COVID-lockdowns in spring 2020, I have been involved in bird song from a somewhat different angle: Dawn Chorus, a project by Munich’s new Natural History Museum and the Bavarian Society for the Protection of Birds. Dawn Chorus asks participants from all over the world to Stop and Listen to the magical early-morning chorus of birds, and to contribute one or multiple recordings for acoustic biomonitoring. What makes this project so special to me is the combination of community, science and arts. In this way, Dawn Chorus connects many different people with nature through sound – to celebrate the beauty of biodiversity, to create awareness of its loss, and to make nature’s voice heard.

Luis Camargo,

I am the Founder and Director of OpEPA (Organization for Environmental Education and Protection), an award-winning Colombian organization focused on reconnecting children and youth to nature so they can act in a more environmentally responsible manner.

Maria Hashmi, Pakistan

I was 3 when I shared my milk bottle with a chimpanzee in my front lawn with two fully grown Indian pythons – safe to say I grew up surrounded by wild animals. I was raised on a farm in Islamabad, though it was more of a zoo than a farm. With me grew my love for the wild. I had decided at 13 that I would dedicate my entire life to it. Having spent nearly 10 years in this field, I do consider myself a zoologist, regardless of the fact that I have no formal education in wildlife studies – just a ton of experience! If I ever study it though, I would like to specialise in Herpetology! I’m wildly fascinated with Crocodilians! I am currently running a nature camp to reconnect Pakistani youth to wildlife – a connection I have experienced and cherished my whole life. I am also working with my father on our family reserve in the southern part of Pakistan where we are working on rewilding agricultural land and reintroducing native species. I am Hub Coordinator for Conservation Optimism, social media manager for Pridelands Wildlife Film Festival, and a Youth Council member with Reserva: The Youth Land Trust.”

Marina Best, Canada

I am Michif (Métis) from the Red River Settlement and am dedicated to the resurgence of Indigenous knowledge systems and their inclusion in conservation planning and environmental policy processes. My career is focused on advancing and supporting Indigenous-led conservation and Indigenous environmental priorities. I am currently the Indigenous Relations Manager for the National Urban Parks and Ecological Corridors programs at Parks Canada, but I also support my nation on topics related to the environment and food sovereignty. Through my life and work, I aim to enhance respect for nature through fostering connections with Indigenous and local communities and through experiences on the land, waters, and ice.

Matthew Zylstra, South Africa

I am a systems ecologist and outdoor practitioner passionate about deepening the human-nature relationship to promote regenerative health for people and planet. I have 20 years of international experience in social-ecological research, field education and facilitation. My transdisciplinary PhD in Conservation Ecology and Education through Stellenbosch University (2014) explored how meaningful experiences and nature connectedness foster pro-environmental behaviour in sustainability education. My work has since informed outputs for several global initiatives, such as the Planetary Health Alliance’s Education Framework. Matthew is currently a Research Scientist with NatureFix (Australia) and Research Fellow with the Kwendalo Institute and CST-Stellenbosch University (South Africa), where my contributions centre on nature connectedness as a foundation for transformative education, psycho-social wellbeing and, ultimately, #natureforall.

Meredith Lamb, Australia

I am the Operations Manager for the People and Parks Foundation. We work on projects and programs, and advocate for people to be better connected to nature for healthier people, places and planet. I love spending time connecting with nature and do so as much through my professional and personal lives as possible.

Mike Denison, South Africa

For 25 years, I have worked in the establishment and operationalization of regional and continental programmes in the fields of youth development, ecological management, environmental education and development tourism. Growing up on the rich coastal belt of South Africa’s east coast, I developed a deep relationship with the ocean as a surfer, sailor, diver, and more recently kite surfer. This passion for the marine environment and the recognition of the enormous value that nature brings to a person’s well-being has been a critical motivator for my work with youth. My professional career started in the classroom as a high school English teacher and later spanned the private sector, having started and operated an adventure-based tour company, founded an NGO for social and environmental justice and most recently held a senior management position at WESSA developing and driving strategy for climate action, reducing pollution, and enhancing biodiversity integrity. My mission in life is to bring the power of nature to young people and through this create activists for a sustainable planet.

Muhammad Ikbal Putera, Indonesia

I am a Forest Ecosystems Manager in Komodo National Park, Ministry of Environment and the Forestry Republic of Indonesia. I have worked for the park for more than 7 years. My primary job is to create annual population predictions of Komodo Dragons and Yellow-Crested Cockatoos, as well as to formulate strategic public policies and maintain ecotourism management and activities inside the park. I am highly passionate about doing extension education with the local community, most importantly youth in the town of Labuan Bajo. I am well known for my Ranger Goes to School program which my team and I initiated in 2021. With a 14-week curriculum, I taught 427 students from three vocational high schools in Manggarai Barat Regency, Province of Nusa Tenggara Timur. The Ranger Goes to School program aims to set the curriculum as a mandatory class course for all high schools in the region. This program has gained recognition globally and regionally, as one of the most influential youth programs within the Province of Nusa Tenggara Timur. In 2024, I plan to pursue a doctoral degree at North Carolina State University.

Nancy Colleton, United States

The Earth is amazing. Whether up close studying the busy and determined movement of ants or from miles above the planet, where satellite images capture crowds of people and herds of animals so small that they take on the appearance of ants, I believe that different perspectives of the planet are critical to understanding the changing planet and protecting nature. As the President of the Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES), I focus on the important role of environmental communication and information. I have worked with senior-level government and industry executives to increase the awareness, value and use of Earth observations and to emphasize the need for comprehensive strategies to ensure that citizens, business, and government at all levels have the environmental intelligence needed for improved decision making—especially for climate and biodiversity. I have chaired the IUCN’s Commission on Education and Communication which—along with World Commission on Protected Areas chair—led the 2016 launch of the #NatureForAll global campaign.

Pem Zam, Bhutan

I am a young officer working at the Royal Botanical Garden, Serbithang, Bhutan. I am a nature enthusiast and I was introduced to the concept of nature for all through a project with the Zhenphen Group (a group of youths with disabilities) and GEF, SGP, UNDP, Bhutan. Through that project, we at the National Biodiversity Centre learned so much about disability and how nature should be for all and since then we have never stopped working towards making nature accessible for people with disabilities. We have worked on making the footpath accessible to all, redeveloping the garden signages, developing stories and spreading awareness on disability and nature. We have also secured an impact fund from the Australian Volunteer’s Program Impact Fund to support the project nature for all and this story is developed as a part of the awareness and advocacy project for nature and disability.

Pierre-Yves Wilmart, Belgium

Attiré depuis tout petit par la nature et par tout ce qu’elle peut nous apporter, je me suis naturellement tourné vers des études agronomiques dès les secondaires. Au début de ma vie professionnelle, j’ai commencé comme ouvrier, puis comme chef d’équipe, dans une entreprise de bucheron qui entretenait les berges des cours d’eau. Ce fut une période assez dure sur le point physique et moral, mais surtout fort enrichissante tant sur le plan humain que professionnelle. Par la suite, je suis rentré comme animateur nature pour le projet “Nature pour tous” de l’ASBL Natagora, que je n’ai pas quitté depuis… Au sein du projet, mes taches ont naturellement évolué au fils du temps. En plus de l’animation, je seconde notre coordinateur dans les tâches administratives et dans la gestion courante du projet. Au quotidien, notre équipe veille à rendre la nature accessible à toutes les personnes en éprouvant le besoin de s’y rendre et ce, quel que soit la spécificité de la personne et les difficultés rencontrées.

Prashant Mohesh, Mauritius/Canada

I am a National Geographic Young Explorer, Documentary filmmaker, scuba diver and the founder of The Oceanic Project. Growing up in Mauritius, a small island surrounded by the Indian Ocean, I spent most of this time diving. The ocean is filled with magic and mystery and there’s so much more to discover in the deep. This underwater biodiversity needs to be treasured & protected. With the climate emergency, Mauritius is being badly affected. my mission is to protect The Ocean Last Wild Places and his work is supported by National Geographic, U.S. Embassy in Mauritius, UN Ocean Decade, Rogers Hospitality & NatureForAll.

Rodrigo Arias, Paraguay

I am the founder and President of the Defensores del Chaco Pypore Association, and coordinate the Volunteer Park Rangers Program of Paraguay. I am a member of the IUCN World Commission on Protected Areas (WCPA) and Commission on Communication and Education (CEC) and Focal Point of the WCPA Youth Network for South America. I am an active founding member of the Rellac-Youth and part of YOUNGO of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, and the Global Youth Network for Biodiversity. I am also the coordinator of the Youth Network for Water and advisor to the Youth Network for Climate Action in Paraguay.My interests are outdoor activities like biking, camping, hiking, nature photography.

Ruchi Rai, India

A Biology and Environment Science Educator, I am also an HOD Science and Curriculum Designer at Sanskriti The Gurukul, Guwahati, India. I have the zeal to develop new methods of imparting knowledge and connecting to the youth that not only helps in building the concepts but also provides an opportunity for them to relate with their environment and their surroundings. I completed a Masters in Zoology and Masters in Education and am the recipient of Global Teacher Accreditation Award from the British Council for “Implementing Peer Education in the field of generating awareness for conservation of biodiversity among the school going children”. I am also a certified National Geographic Educator and have successfully organized several citizen science programmes with my group of students. I have been active in generating awareness towards sustainability and environment for last 10 years.

Sarah Otterstrom, United States

I am a nature lover. I grew up in the pacific northwest region of the United States where I spent summers on the lake with my family, and winters playing in the snow. In college, I had the opportunity to visit Costa Rica where I fell so much in love with the richness of tropical biodiversity that I decided to transfer to the university there and study biology. During graduate school at UC Davis, my fascination with tropical biodiversity shifted to concern for the people who depend on it. I witnessed communities in rural Central America impacted by extreme weather and saw how often these communities were overlooked during decision-making about natural resources. Today, my work as a conservationist centers on connecting people with nature, promoting love for nature, and ensuring that people can determine the use of their natural resources.

Saumya Amali Ranavi Thanthrige, Sri Lanka

I believe if you’re willing to make some change, and inspire others to follow you, we can create a sustainable future while minimizing negative consequences of climate crisis. I finished my undergraduate degree in Sociology at University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka, and completed a second B.A. in International Studies at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies in Seoul, South Korea. During my studies I had the opportunity to expand my knowledge on sustainable development and how environmental issues are interconnected with human rights. As I wanted to contribute to climate actions and promote awareness on environmental issues I joined various volunteering activities locally and internationally including environmental cleaning, awareness raising camping, youth conferences and so on. Currently, I am one of the Regional Representative of Global Youth Climate Challenges (GYCC), where I meet global youth with similar interests and together we try to develop action models for promoting climate actions and awareness.

Sophia Akinyi Kadima, Kenya

I am passionate about environmental conservation and climate change issues. I am a Natural Resource Management officer by profession. I am currently working for a bank and am its sustainability champion. I organize tree planting activities for the staff. We want to be counted as people who contributed to increase the forest cover to 30% by 2032.I have interest in marine science too. My hobbies are reading environmental articles, nature walks and spending time with my family.

Stefan Van Norden, United States

I am a long time gardener and the founder of Noorden Productions. I made my first film, Hand of Brick in 2013 with almost no budget. At the time, I was not an aspiring filmmaker- that came about by accident. The making of Hand of Brick was sparked by an interest in observing what nature was doing to the old brick kilns at the Densmore Brick Co.; how nature was reclaiming its place. Following the success of Hand of Brick,I embarked on a second project, Negotiating with Nature. This film was inspired by the many years I had spent in my garden and the realization that my relationship with nature extended far beyond that garden. Following the premiere screenings and broadcast of Negotiating with Nature came a resounding sense of the need to further engage a wider audience with that same message. With the scattered lifestyle that many of us lead today, I started looking into other ways to reach more people. The result is Nature Revisited, a podcast based upon the notion that we are nature.

Stefania Romano, Italy

With an extended experience in environmental international affairs, spanning from Central Eastern Europe, Turkey, the Middle East, the Gulf Countries, Brazil and South Africa, I have worked for the Italian Ministry of the Environment, seconded to international organisations, such as the Regional Environmental Center, developing programs and projects across countries, channelling resources, and establishing partnerships. I have also contributed to social and human rights programs (for Emergency, Baobab, A Sud, etc.). I have experience grassroots organizations as Coordinator for Italy of the Green New Deal for Europe Campaign (Diem25). As a freelancer I have designed and developed a Platform combining Art to Environment (Hearth Platform). Currently I am working for ICLEI as Global Coordinator of CitiesWithNature initiative, responsible for Advocacy and Partnerships.

Sunook Yoon, United States

I am a 15 year old from Greenville, NC. My story began in the summer of 2020, when I first got the chance to volunteer with a local environmental organization, LAST. Since then, I have participated in multiple cleanups, community events, and leadership programs, while developing and learning skill sets to overcome challenges. Working with another LAST student, I co-founded the Environmental Droners, a project dedicated to reducing the amount of pollution in the environment by implementing technology. Using drones, we are identifying countless trash sites and polluted areas to raise awareness by using social media, communicating with local governments, and partnering with local organizations and businesses. I have also collaborated with students and scientists at East Carolina University’s Water Resource Center to help develop the Litter Locator App. This app allows users across the world to document litter with photos and georeferenced locations, resulting in the involvement throughout communities.

Tamara Blazquez Haik, Mexico

I am an award-winning conservation photographer, taking first place in the nature categories in the National Geographic Travel 2019 and Master Class Photographers 2019 photo contests. I studied photography at the Club Fotográfico de México and Escuela Activa de Fotografía. I am presently working on the photographic and educational series “Fauna de la Ciudad de México” (Mexico City’s wildlife), a project aimed at teaching citizens, specially children, about the urban wildlife in Mexico City and how to protect them and their ecosystems. I have worked as a speaker and environmental educator in different parts of Mexico and internationally, teaching about the importance of urban biodiversity conservation and Mexico’s birdlife through photography. In 2017 I was a speaker in TEDxPolanco in Mexico City, talking about the importance of photography for nature’s conservation. My work has been published by National Geographic and other media in Mexico and around the world.

Toby Plant, Canada

I am the Manager of Online Learning at Ocean Wise. With over a decade of science outreach, research and public engagement, I love getting people excited about the natural world. Originally from England, I studied and worked as a marine biologist before adventuring to the landlocked prairies of Canada. I have been lucky enough to explore the world’s ecosystems, from researching the behaviour of angelfish on coral reefs in Indonesia to bushwhacking through rainforests in Nicaragua. Currently my career focus is to spread the excitement that marine ecosystems bring, and how we can all do our part to protect and restore them. I hope my inquisitive nature and deep passion for the wonders of the natural world helps inspire others into making positive change.

Vickie Lanthier, Canada

I am a veteran, consultant, entrepreneur, and writer. After a successful first career in the military, I became an information technology consultant and launched GirlGoneGood® in 2011. GirlGoneGood® is where the prioritization of wellness while exploring the wilderness, for all persons, is encouraged. As a frequent wanderer and avid day hiker with over 20 yrs experience, I understand how intimidating new trails can be if you don’t have all the information to properly prepare. The resources on help bridge that gap so that you can experience the immense benefit to our well- being that nature provides, while engaging in safe and responsible recreation. Through GirlGoneGood®, more than $27,000 has been donated to mental health and conservation charities. In 2021, I began offering keynote talks on Mass Casualty Incidents and Resilience in the Face of Overwhelm. I started writing my first book, tentatively titled ‘little cuts, big life”.

Yixuan Liu, China

Many hashtags can label my job: #WildlifeNGO, #NatureConservation, #SnowLeopardProtection, #Hiker, etc. When most people hear about what I do, they are first awed by the unconventionality and the sense of noble cause behind “wildlife conservation”. Interestingly, soon after the responsibilities and work routine unfold, the light in their eyes dims, and they appear worried for me that my future may lie in uncertainty. I rarely consider the perks or risks that come with the job. I genuinely enjoy spending time in nature outside of the cell range, hiking up the mountains doing sign surveys, scouting for the best location to place camera traps, and the most exciting yet soothing, like spotting a raptor gliding in the sky or encountering a herd of blue sheep hopping up cliffs with ease. Fieldwork each day is an invigorating learning experience of the wildlife, of my teammates, and of myself. It’s an ineffable and magical feeling when you are bonding with nature, and I encourage everyone to build their very own special tie with nature accessible to them because nature is there for all.

Yorta Yorta Rangers, Australia

We work with Parks Victoria on Yorta Yorta Country. We are Traditional Owners of the Country we work on, and we each have traditional knowledge handed down to us by our elders over many, many years.

Hilda Stewart (first from the left) and Greta Morgan (fourth from the left) have worked in the education space for 35 years as Interpretation, Information and Education Officers. They love sharing our knowledge and storytelling to a range of students, universities and people of all ages. As a team, we work with many groups, international and nationally. Our work is very rewarding. We do a lot of on Country, learning with groups and sharing our traditional knowledge.

Bonnie Joachim (fifth from the left) is a Yorta Yorta Park Ranger, whose work is to focus on implementing the strategies from a joint management plan within the Barmah National Park. For her, being out in the forest everyday taking care of her Country is so fulfilling. 

Also pictured, but not participating in the My #NatureLoveStory event, are Tylar Ferguson and Richard Beckhurst.

Yves Olatoundji, Benin

I have a strong interest in biodiversity conservation and conservation education. I am a Graduate of the University of Oxford where I majored in international wildlife conservation practice. I am a member of the World Commission on Protected Areas Young Professional group in West and Central Africa. I have extensive experience working with local communities in and around conserved areas in Benin.

Meet the My #NatureLoveStory moderators

Ana Valerie Mandri

Ana is co-founder and CEO of Zamia Media, works to provide social and environmental organizations with tools and capacities to increase their impact. She is also a regional vice-chair of the Commission for Education and Communication of the IUCN.

Biswajit De

Biswajit, or Jeet, is a designer and educationist by profession and a conservationist at heart. He is the founder of Wildroots India, which focuses on climate, environmental, biodiversity awareness and conservation education.

Christina Renowden

Christina is focused on science and environmental education, with a background in conservation and frog ecology. She is the Victoria Nature Festival Coordinator and a citizen science and ArtScience advocate at the Arthur Rylah Institute (ARI).

Erinn Drage

Erinn is a conservation and protected areas professional with a background in environmental sciences, wilderness advocacy, tourism, outdoor recreation, and documentary filmmaking. She currently works for the IUCN World Commission on Protected Areas.

Isabelle Kim-Lim

Isabelle is a Project Officer at Parks Canada for the IUCN #NatureForAll movement, where she assist the #NatureForAll team in communications, campaign strategy, events and engagement with global partners. Her love for nature stems from her canoe camping guide days. In her free time, you can catch her hiking around Montreal, Quebec, where she was born and raised.

Jesse Hildebrand

Jesse is a science communicator and VP of Exploring By The Seat of Your Pants. He connects scientists and explorers with the public, in particular youth, through digital and live events across Canada. He is also chair of #NatureForAll Canada.

Kaluki Paul Mutuku

Kaluki is a climate activist and environmentalist, working to improve youth participation in decision-making around climate justice. He is the co-founder and executive director of the Kenya Environmental Action Network and regional director with Youth4Nature.

Lais Fleury

Lais is a social entrepreneur and outdoor educator, advocating for childhood connection to nature. She is the Director of Institutional Relations at the Alana Foundation and the Co-Chair for #NatureForAll USA.

Luis Camargo

Luis is the Founder and Director of OpEPA (Organization for Environmental Education and Protection), an award-winning Colombian organization focused on reconnecting children and youth to nature so they can act in a more environmentally responsible manner.

Sofia Castelló y Tickell

Sofia is a researcher and storyteller, interested in ecology, conservation, evolution and science communication. She is the director of Conservation Optimism, a global community dedicated to inspiring and empowering people around the world to make a positive difference for nature.

Yose Cormier

Yose is a communications specialist with a passion for nature. He works for Parks Canada but leads the coordination and management of the IUCN #NatureForAll initiative.

Zsuzsanna Kray

Zsuzsanna is a Consultant and sustainability and education expert in Budapest, Hungary. She develops learning material, is a freelancer in nature and education, a project manager and writer and a facilitator for participative nature walks.

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