#NatureForAll Love Fest

February 2024

Come celebrate our collective love of nature

as part of the 2024 #NatureForAll Love Fest.

Wednesday, February 14 at 12 pm GMT
(7 am EST/8 pm SGT/9 pm JST)  

As the International Union for Conservation of Nature prepares for the 2025 World Conservation Congress with numerous Regional Conservation Fora (RCFs) to be held throughout this year, the #NatureForAll ideal can act as both a rallying point and an opportunity to put in place the IUCN’s stated goal to “Unite for Nature”.

Learn more about the #NatureForAll movement and about the significant work the IUCN and its commissions are doing, through the lens of love and optimism, to address biodiversity loss and climate change during this #NatureForAll dialogue.<
Are you seeking to learn more about #NatureForAll or what the commissions are doing on environmental education, communications efforts and through protected areas? Do you want to find opportunities to engage in the work of the commissions or through #NatureForAll to take action to protect nature?

Then join us for a conversation with the chairs of the IUCN World Commission on Protected Areas (WCPA) and IUCN Commission on Education and Communication (CEC) as they explore the importance of connecting with, learning about, and falling in love with nature in our efforts to protect it.

Come hear what’s planned with respect to nature-based education and on the protected areas side for the next year. Learn about new communications tools and upcoming opportunities to share your stories and work.  As importantly, come share your plans and inspiring stories of #lovenature with us.

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In February 2024, take part in the #NatureForAll Love Fest, a celebration of love of and action for nature.

Following up on the success of the first Love Fest, which took place from February 7-21, 2023, this year’s Love Fest will encompass several activities and events, from local partner activities to global virtual dialogue.

From Feb. 3-14, #NatureForAll will highlight some of the most inspiring content received throughout the year.

Over these two weeks, #NatureForAll partners from around the world will share inspirational stories, host webinars and live events. Follow along on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) and come back to see more events.

Are you planning an event in February that celebrates love of and action for nature? Are you encouraging your network to get outside? Email your events and activities to info@natureforall.global and get them added here.

Take part in the Earth Echo OurEcho Challenge, a STEM competition for youth leaders in the US, ages 13-16.

Stay connected with nature this winter season with the Canadian Wildlife Federation’s Below Zero campaign. With resources for families and teachers, as well as a contest, it won’t be hard to get motivated to enjoy winter even more.

Meet Canada’s top 25 environmentalists under 25 of 2023  as selected by The Starfish Canada.

Celebrate #OurPlanetEarth with this global digital initiative from BBC Earth, co-produced with Wellcome Trust, bringing you compelling stories of our changing climate and its direct impacts on both wildlife and human health.

Join Sustainable Forestry Initiative in celebrating the love of nature with educator tips and explore the wonders of birdwatching.

The Active in Nature Project, lead by VicHealth in partnership with
Parks Victoria and Outdoors Victoria, increases opportunities for young people (16-24) to enjoy nature and outdoor recreation.

Get into the spirit of Love Fest and experience the magic of nature during the wintertime at Frosty Fest with the Red Oak Center in Illinois, US, on Jan. 27.

Prepare for the Love Fest and join Families In Nature on January 28 for a Family Forest Bathing Walk in Texas, USA. Discover the incredible benefits of Shinrin-Yoku and spending time in nature.

Galapagos Infinito celebrated love of nature during an Oceanic Classroom on the ship Danubio Azul with local children on Feb. 2.

Love bugs? Learn about winter bugs with Nature Alberta and the Kerry Wood Nature Centre in Alberta, Canada, and contribute to the Winter Bug Count on February 3.

Celebrate nature and bees in Canada with NatureKids BC on February 4 while creating a habitat for mason bees.

Join South African Association for Marine Biological Research at uShaka Beach between 08am – 10am on Feb 10 for a beach clean-up.

Explore inspiring stories from the front lines of Parks Canada’s science and conservation work as scientists and Indigenous knowledge holders work together to conserve nature.

Share your love of wetlands story as part of World Wetlands Day, taking place Feb. 2 worldwide. Or check out the myriad activities and events taking place around that day.

Join the climate podcast Outrage + Optimism! for a three part mini series about our Story of Nature: From Rupture to Reconnection, on Feb 8, 13 and 15, wherever you get your podcasts!

The International Association of Horticultural Producers (AIPH) hosts the ‘Living Green, Liveable Cities’ Research Symposium, from February 4-5 in Doha, Qatar. This will be an opportunity to celebrate the work being done to create liveable and healthy urban environments through city greening.

On Feb. 8, join Exploring By The Seat of Your Pants and meet Mary Reynolds of Ireland, who is building a movement to turn gardeners into guardians of the planet. Part of Wild Hope – a series focusing on conservation success stories by HHMI Tangled Bank Studios.

The Institute of Forest Therapy in Victoria, Australia, is conducting a Forest Therapy Walk on February 10, 2024

On February 7, join this FREE workshop and learn about authentic Indigenous Learning Resources that connect educators with the Land from across Turtle Island (aka Canada).

On February 7, learn how to make sure we reverse biodiversity loss trends as part of #ReverseTheRedDay!

Join the Sunshine Coast Environmental Council in Nambour, Australia for green drinks on February 8. RSVP required.

Join a discussion on the health benefits of spending time in nature on Feb.  9 at 11 am AEDT. Registration is required.

Join Wildlife Clubs of Kenya and wear red for a celebration of love of nature event on Feb. 14.

Register now for the annual Take Me Outside Outdoor Learning Winter Challenge, happening from Feb 19th – Mar 1st!

On Feb. 23, join the Children & Nature Network for a workshop on bringing young children outdoors.

Prepare for the Chiapas Birding Photo Festival in Mexico from February 28 to March 1.

Find inspiration from the the amazing work of partners from around the world,
who have submitted their love of and connection to nature stories in a variety of formats.

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