Take Action To Connect With Nature


The Nature Playbook is a strategy to connect people with Nature. It is meant to guide and inspire actions that people can take to connect a new generation with Nature. So, what are you waiting for?

Plan your Play.

Make a difference.

Plan Your Play

Like a coach’s playbook, The Nature Playbook is intended to bring “the team” together and inspire action. 


What is a Nature Play?

Actions that get you or other people outside. Nature plays range from “quick plays,” like splashing in a puddle or identifying plants and animals, to “signature" or "feature" plays, organized and inspiring initiatives that work for your community, such as forest schools or geocaching.

What is a Quick Play? 

Simple, effective activities that individuals can do anywhere.

What is a Featured Play?

Organized initiatives chosen largely from the collection of #NatureForAll Success Stories for their impact, their potential, and their ability to be adapted. They are models among many great options to inspire individuals and organisations worldwide.

Need some inspiration? Have a look at our strategies to connect with Nature:

Strategies to Connect with Nature

The #NatureForAll Playbook

In 2015, the Canadian Parks Council (CPC) formed a citizen working group to develop an action guide to connect Canadians with Nature. One year later, The Nature Playbook was launched.

Inspired by the work of the citizen working group, the #NatureForAll Playbook was developed with additional input from many other #NatureForAll partners. It brings in international examples of quick plays and signature plays from over 200 #NatureForAll partners from around the world.

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Nature Playbook: Available in: English and French


#NatureForAll Playbook: Available in: EnglishFrenchSpanishChinese
Nature Playbook: Available in: English and French

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Your Nature Playbook

#NatureForAll wants people empowered to connect even more people with nature in ways that make sense to them, so that they can enjoy all of the great benefits of nature contact and recognize that they are part of nature.

We are talking about a cultural change – not just a few isolated groups. Not just children, and not just teenagers. Adults need to be involved too. Everyone needs to be involved. The playbook is an opportunity to start this conversation

We challenge you to create a playbook of your own for your friends, city, or country. Interested?

Let us know!

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Meet  Some Of The Team Behind The Nature Playbook!