Parks Canada

Parks Canada staff are at the forefront of helping people connect with and learn about nature. Whether it’s working at one of the more than 200 national parks, historic sites or marine conservation areas, they are passionate about nature conservation and preservation! These are just some of their stories.  

Meet Parka, Parks Canada’s mascot as she shares her story and some of her favourite activities to do around the country.

Explore interactive stories from Canada’s national historic sites, national parks, and national marine conservation areas through Google Arts & Culture. These are the colorful stories that often lie just under the surface of what many visitors encounter when visiting Parks Canada places. 

Staff from around the country share their amazing stories of connection with nature. And go behind the scenes to meet some of the dedicated people who help protect and restore these amazing places on the Parks Canada website or on their People of Parks Facebook photo album.

Check out these Parks Canada “Field Notes” and discover something new with Parks Canada’s scientists. Be inspired to make a difference in your own corner of the world. 

You’ll join marine biologists, ecologists, ornithologists, and other experts as they vlog their journeys deep into the backcountry, across mountain peaks, and beneath the ocean’s surface in some of the most iconic places in Canada, all in the name of #conservingnature.

Join chef Jeremy Charles in Gros Morne National Park of Canada as he explores the park and the surrounding communities.

Nadia Ménard, an ecologist at the Saguenay-St-Laurent marine park, shares a special moment with beluga whales. 

Marianne talks about her experience of living and working in Gros Morne during the summers.

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