Share Your Nature Story

You can inspire others to connect with nature by sharing your story! Here’s how:

Record a short video and share it on social media, tagging #NatureForAll. It will be reposted and linked on this website. Use the #Nature Storybook to help you create your video from start to finish!

For your video:

  • answer just one of the following questions:
    • Option 1: Why do you love nature?
    • Option 2: Why do you love your park/protected area?
    • Option 3: How does your work help you connect with nature?
    • Option 4: What was your first connection to nature?
  • Include your name and the organisation you work with (if applicable).
  • Note where are you right now. (Find a dynamic spot in your workplace or preferably somewhere outdoors).
  • Keep it to about 1 to 2 minutes maximum.
  • Film it in horizontal format.
  • Have it recorded by someone, or even better use the “selfie” mode on your phone.
  • Record it in the language of your choice. 

Send in your story as a blog post. Answer one of these questions:

  • When and why you fell in love with nature.
  • Why do you love your park/protected area?

Submit to in the language of your choice and it will get added to the #NatureForAll website and shared on social media.

  • Aim for approximately 500-600 words.
  • Include 3-5 high quality images.
  • Include a link to a video if you want (like the video you recorded using the steps above!)
  • Include your name and the name of your organisation.
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