Learning About Forests - Tereza (Czech Republic)

This year, Tereza’s international educational program Learning about Forests (LEAF) in Czechia offers the opportunity for schools to receive the prestigious Forest Class Certificate and an annual patronage to the ‘New Forest’. 121 classes participated and sent us “Echoes from the Forest” full of beautiful photos from the lessons outside.


The Goal

Our intention is to create a nature-friendly society through meaningful education.

We organized the international LEAF program in the Czech Republic and believe that learning about nature must take place in nature. Through interactive learning and field trips, the program reconnects the next generation with their environment, educating them to be more conscious of protecting it and instilling in students a sense of ownership of the natural world that surrounds them. Our goal is to involve as many active teachers and pupils as possible.

Feedback from teachers provides information about how they implement the program in their classes and if the program is effective. This year, we wanted to get feedback from 100 teachers minimum through the “Echoes from the Forest” campaign. The result exceeded our expectations!

The Solution

We have approached more than 300 schools involved in the program LEAF Czech with a request for feedback.

We want to involve a large number of schools in the program in Czechia. Additionally, we want the teachers to work actively with the program and get more children outside by providing educational opportunities in nature and the forest.

Every year, we announce a challenge for teachers to send “Echoes from the Forest” - feedback about how they work with the program, what troubles they encounter, and what they actually while teaching outside. When they fill out a questionnaire and send us several photos from the lessons outside, they receive a prestigious Forest Class Certificate and an annual patronage over 10 m2 of a New Forest, which originates in the North of Bohemia – a monoculture forest is being changed into a diverse paradise thanks to the kids.

The number of Echoes acquired increases each year, and this year we reached a record of 121 classes from the 300 participating schools. Thanks to feedback and numerous photos and videos from schools, we write inspiring articles for other teachers as examples of good practice, see for example:


The Results

We have been successful in increasing the number of participating and active schools. More and more teachers are aware of the need to teach and learn outdoors.

  • This year (2017), the Echoes sent 121 classes.
  • In 2016, it was 103 classes.
  • In 2015 it was 73 classes.
  • In 2014, there were 57 classes.

Insider Tip

  • We offer support to teachers - training and free consulting directly at schools
  • We´re helping to establish a network of active mentors who support other teachers
  • We send newsletters regularly
  • We provide examples of good practice to teachers who have no experience with the program
  • We connect teachers to share experiences


#NatureForAll Campaign