Why #NatureForAll



#NatureForAll is founded on the knowledge that the more people experience and connect with nature, the more support and action there will be for nature conservation.

Experiences in nature, whether in cities or national parks, make us happier and healthier. A growing body of international research demonstrates that personal contact with nature has significant personal and societal health and well-being benefits. Our connections with nature also influence the way we behave.

#NatureForAll partner the Children & Nature Network has led the development of a draft synthesis of evidence linking connectedness with nature to pro-conservation behaviours. 

Please note that the goal of this document is to inform biodiversity and sustainable development policy and action by providing evidence for the various ways in which increased efforts to facilitate opportunities for people from all walks of life to experience and connect with nature will help us achieve our biodiversity and sustainable development goals.

This detailed synthesis document will be used as the basis for a Summary for Policy Makers to be published later in 2018.


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