17 important facts about trees that everyone should know

This post was originally published at benoitclement.com. It is republished here with permission.

What do you see when you look at a tree? Standing inconspicuously in silence, at a glance, we are missing so much of all the action trees are involved in. Trees are a magical convergence of symbiotic networks where they serve a multitude of functions.

Here are 17 important facts to know about trees:


  1. Trees seed rain clouds.

  2. Trees communicate with neighboring plants and trees.

  3. Trees distribute and share nutrients with other trees, plants, and fungi.

  4. Trees provide habitat to animals and insects.

  5. Trees build healthy soil horizons.

  6. Trees filter water.

  7. Trees provide food.

  8. Trees provide fuel.

  9. Trees provide shelter.

  10. Trees provide fiber.

  11. Trees provide resin.

  12. Trees provide biomass.

  13. Trees provide timber.

  14. Trees provide medicine.

  15. Trees filter air.

  16. Trees regulate temperature and microclimates.

  17. Trees regulate hydrological cycles




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