Artists create digital series inspired by birdsong

Artists create digital series inspired by birdsong

Submitted by BIOTOPIA – Naturkundemuseum Bayern


Inspired by the songs of birds, multimedia artists Mika Johnson and Marcel Karnapke based in Czech Republic and Germany have created an audio-visual digital art series, Survival Songs. This project, inspired by the BIOTOPIA – Naturkundemuseum Bayern project Dawn Chorus, aims to draw awareness around the wonders of birdlife but also to the threats that birds face today through interactive 66 second audio-visual art pieces.

Together with BIOTOPIA and Max Planck Institute for Ornithology scientists, the artists chose nine bird species based on the top four most frequently listed species on Dawn Chorus (Common blackbird, Great tit, House sparrow, Eurasian blackcap), and five further characteristic singers (Common cuckoo, European Robin, Golden oriole, Eurasian wren, Western jackdaw).

Johnson and Karnapke are also the co-authors of Sonic Feather, a tool within the Dawn Chorus App to create unique, visual animations based on the recordings, which can in turn be shared via social media.


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