Batwatch by WildRoots

Batwatch by WildRoots

This post was submitted by Wild Roots India. It is posted here with the permission of the authors.

Batwatch is our programme through which we give an opportunity to school students to explore the flying mammals through ‘Citizen Science, Action Research & Sharing of Information’.  

Our 1st Activity-based programme on observation, student research and conservation began in Guwahati, Assam, India, during the year 2015, where students of Sanskriti the Gurukul – Dept. of Environment Science and St. Stephens School observed the roosts of the Indian  Flying Fox – or the Indian Fruit Bats around Panbazaar, Pani Tanki Area, in the City of  Guwahati, Assam. 

‘Bat-Art’ – Observing the Bats and creating some art for conservation, distribution of Origami  Bats to general public, which had slogans and information about bats and Field Survey to record observations and behaviour of the Bats constituted the 4 hour programme. 

We are indeed happy to connect the school students to the bats and generate awareness about the ecological importance of the bats, the important role that they play in pollination and dispersal of seeds, and even clear some misconceptions about bats, in general, especially  during this Covid-19 Pandemic.  

Hope that our little initiative will create a stir in the hearts of the young generation and they  would be able to understand the negative effects of deforestation and man-made habitat loss.  We have started small…hope to go a long way with the support of our friends, patrons and well-wishers. 


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