Community Bank Environment Fund (EF) – Engendering Grassroots Financing for Marine Protected Areas

From a zero rating on the MPA Management Effectiveness Assessment Tool, Tambaliza is now pegged as a ‘bright spot’ MPA not only in the municipality of Concepcion but in the whole Northern Iloilo – it is the first legally established MPA with a 200-ha No-take Zone in the province. Tambaliza MPA is proving that bigger MPAs entail more community and stakeholders’ involvement and bigger funding requirements but the local community is up to the challenge of sustaining the management of a protected area through their own contributions. Village Savings and Loan Associations (VSLA, locally known as CoMSCA) in Tambaliza are currently generating up to $1,500 in a year as Environmental Fund (EF) to support the implementation of the management plan of the protected area. ZSL’s Net-Works (TM) programme is keen on replicating the success of Tambaliza MPA in other sites.

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