Dawn Chorus 2022 – Stop and listen

Stop and listen – and record the sounds of nature to let nature’s voice be heard.


Just pause for a moment, listen to the sounds of nature – and record them! This is the motto of Dawn Chorus, the first Citizen Science and Arts project that invites people worldwide to collect bird songs: for biodiversity research, for art, and to draw attention to the wonders of nature and also to its threats.

Every single recording represents a tiny little piece of the puzzle. With your help, we can start putting the puzzle together, and document biodiversity through sound to scientifically investigate changes. At the same time, by making you aware of this wonderful spectacle of nature, this project seeks to sharpen your senses and awaken your creativity in an emotional way. Let’s listen to the voice of nature, record it – and let’s make it heard!

The Call

Get up early, go to the window or outside, and listen to the birds.
Record and upload the sounds with the free Dawn Chorus App, and share your experience with people around the world. Connect digitally with your friends, co-workers, club members, or your school class.

From May 1 to May 31, 2022, the scientific collection period will take place. Your local recordings will be mapped worldwide. You will make an important contribution to a growing scientific data collection on biodiversity research. Become part of a global artistic project!

Got curious?
Check out: dawn-chorus.org.
Explore the worldwide bird concert: https://explore.dawn-chorus.org/
App Store for iOS: https://apple.co/2RXPrSG
Google Play Store for Android:

Dawn Chorus is a project by BIOTOPIA ‒ Naturkundemuseum Bayern and Landesbund für Vogelschutz in Bayern e.V. (LBV), and was co-initiated in the first lockdown-related “Silent Spring” 2020 by BIOTOPIA ‒ Naturkundemuseum Bayern and the Foundation Arts and Nature (Stiftung Kunst und Natur).


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