Film festival focuses on “Making Peace with Nature”

Winners of the 2021 Mobile Film Festival – Making Peace With Nature were announced on December 16. Twelve winners were selected from almost 700 films from 92 countries. You can see all the winners here.

All the films remain available online and free of charge to cinemas, educational or cultural institutions, media, festivals, NGOs etc., who wish to broadcast them for physical or digital screenings and to share them on their networks. They are all subtitled in French, English and Spanish.

Through a series of one-minute films, all shot on mobile phone, people from around the world shared their views, perspectives and stories evoking “Making Peace with Nature”.

Out of 692 submissions from 92 countries, the jury for the Mobile Film Festival selected 50 films which will be up for awards at a ceremony in Paris on December 8.

You can vote on your favourite until November 30. Tell us what your favourite video is by tagging #NatureForAll and #MobileFilmFestival on social media.

Check out the final selection here, but we highly recommend the following, which we think resonates with the #NatureForAll ideals.

Change For Nature

By Hocine Mimouni & Sarah Kechemir, Algeria

Positive changes #Awareness #Documentary

Snow lion and the glaciologist

By Arun Bhattarai, Bhutan

#Activism #Protection #Documentary

Pegada (Footprint)

By Mayara Floss & Marco Aurélio Ferreira Farnezi, Brazil

#Pollution #Activism #Awareness

El papá de las tortugas (The turtles father)

By Samantha Proaño, Ecuador 

#Positive change #Activism #Protection #Documentary

Free hug

By Manuel Laurent, France 

#Positive changes #Awareness #Comedy

The Earth’s journey

By Leyli Shojaei , Iran

#Peace #Tale #Positive changes

Save the post (World)

By Souksakhone Phanavanh, Laos

#Waste #Awareness #Positive changes