#NatureForAll Theme For Peace Pals International Art Exhibition and Awards

By: Peace Pals

Peace Pals International, a program of the World Peace Prayer Society, had made “Nature for All – Loving the Earth” the theme of their 2017 Art Exhibition and Awards.

In its 20th year, the Peace Pals International Art Exhibition and Awards features art created by children around the world to celebrate peace. This year, the have chosen to partner with #NatureForAll to commemorate nature.

They have provided a few questions to help guide children in thinking about the #NatureForAll theme:

  1. What do you do to make the earth more beautiful?
  2. What is your favorite element in Nature?
  3. How do you celebrate Earth Day?

In addition, they invite adults to visit the #NatureForAll website to learn more about the theme.

Guidelines from Peace Pals International:

Size: Horizontal or Vertical design

5” inches x 7” inches

12.7 cm x 17.7 cm

All art must be hand drawn, sketched or painted on paper or cardboard. You can upload your artwork or send by postal mail when it is finished. Artwork must follow the theme “Nature for All ~ Loving the Earth”.

Your artwork MUST include the message, “May Peace Prevail On Earth” in English and/or your Native Language. All drawings must be done by children, including the writing of “May Peace Prevail On Earth”. Submitted Artwork must be done by the artist.  Artwork or writing done by an adult will be excluded.

One Entry Per Child – Four Age Categories

  • Age Category One: Age 5 – 7
  • Age Category Two: Age 8 – 10
  • Age Category Three: Age 11 – 13
  • Age Category Four: Age 14 – 16

Prizes to be Awarded

  • First Place Winners ~ Classic White Peace Pole
  • Second Place Winners ~ 17” Desktop Peace Pole
  • Third Place Winners ~ 8” Desktop Peace Pole
  • Finalists ~ Certificates and Assorted Prizes

All participants must register online at http://wppspeacepals.org/2017-rules/

Artwork can be either scanned in online or sent via mail to:

Peace Pals International

26 Benton Road

Wasaic, NY 12592


All participants will receive a certificate.


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