Rodrigo Arias – a role model for #NatureForAll


Rodrigo Arias – a role model for #NatureForAll

Rodrigo Arias is a passionate environmental activist, dedicated to conservation in protected wildlife areas and dedicated to empowering young people. He is currently employed as a general coordinator of the Park Ranger Volunteer Program in Paraguay, an initiative of the Chaco Pyporé Defenders Association.

In 2017, he became involved in activities focused on the development of educational spaces and supervised training of young people, because he believes in the power of Paraguayan youth to give rise to sustainable changes in pursuit of sustainable development in the country.

For Rodrigo, conservation is a subject of international relevance and the participation of youth is crucial to achieving goals for both Sustainable Development and Aichi.

Defenders of Chaco was founded in June 2016 and legally incorporated in 2017. The Chaco Pyporé Defenders Association is a civil organization whose mission is to protect and preserve the natural and cultural heritage of Paraguay through environmental education activities, training and research. Since its formation, it has been promoted by people who dedicate their time, resources and abilities on a voluntary basis.

These very active programs are as follows:

  • National Youth Water Forum

  • Park Ranger Volunteer Program of Paraguay Forum for Protected Wildlife Areas

  • Paraguayan Congress for Protected Wildlife Areas

  • Youth Conference on Climate Change

  • Ecological Restoration Course (Modules I and II)

  • Tribute to the Park Rangers of Paraguay

  • World Rangers Day Conference


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