Saumya’s story

Saumya’s story

Saumya submitted her story to the #NatureForAll Storytelling Festival. It is posted here with the permission of the author.

Written by Saumya Amali Ranavi Thanthrige

As part of the #NatureForAll Storytelling Festival, Saumya Amali Ranavi Thanthrige based in Sri Lanka and part of the Global Youth Climate Change (GYCC) Youth Lab, shares her passion for nature and how she adopted and integrated several lifestyle changes to pay more attention to the consequences of our interconnectedness with nature.


I believe that from the birds flying in the sky to the fish swimming in the sea and from the largest animal in the planet to the smallest one we all are connected and cannot survive without each other support. As an individual and a youth from Sri Lanka I found my passion for climate actions a few years ago and from then I tried to involve different workshops and volunteer activities to learn and serve the community as much as possible while participating in awareness raising events including but not limited to beach cleaning activities and writing on social media about climate change. Furthermore, I tried to set an example through my actions and so started planting trees in my small garden, taking my tumbler whenever I go to a cafe, and use a recycle bag for grocery shopping. By doing this I could speak to people around me and encourage them to plant something and try to minimize their plastic use. Overall, I believe that every small actions matter and I’ll continue my efforts to create a nature friendly society and sustainable future for us.




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