Take The Long Road

George and Baba Record.png

Rapper Baba Brinkman (Rap Guide to Consciousness, Off The Top) and singer-songwriter George Woodhouse (The Big Sing Halifax, Tiger Patrol) wrote a song for #NatureForAll about how people connect to nature.

They duo attended the 2016  IUCN World Conservation Congress congress and spoke with attendees from around the world. The theme of 'taking the long road, together' arose in these conversations.






Contribute your voice to the song - write additional lyrics and rhymes on your social media, tag #NatureJams

Are you a musician? 

  • Record your own original song about what connects us to nature, or

  • Record/Remix 'Take The Long Road' by adding your own vocals and instruments to the instrumental.

Submit your song to info@natureforall.global. Approved songs and remixes will be uploaded to the #NatureForAll Jams page and promoted on #NatureForAll social media. 

Download the instrumental version of the song below: 



Get to know the stories and people that inspired
"Take The Long Road"