Coastal Protection at Point Sables Environmental Protected Area (PSEPA), Saint Lucia

The PSEPA features unique biodiversity, as well as captivating sea- and landscapes.  It has been over-exploited by users with contrasting interests, resulting in conflict, beach compaction, coastal de-vegetation, erosion and sedimentation of drains and the barrier reef. The Saint Lucia National Trust uses a multipronged approach with building blocks, such as continuous stakeholder engagement and scientific support to address these issues.  Interventions to stabilize and enhance the PSEPA include:

  • Integrated management and re-vegetation of coastline, sand dunesand mangroves
  • Exclusion of vehicles from beach
  • Clearance and rehabilitation of storm drains
  • Improved waste management
  • Cultivation of partnerships with users, private and public stakeholders to nurture broad-based buy-in, encourage voluntary compliance, and to enhance livelihood opportunities based on natural resources
  • Development of a participatory Recreational Use Plan for Sandy Beach
  • Public awareness and education campaign

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