Nature Revisited Episode 73: Cheryl Charles – #NatureForAll

Nature Revisited Episode 73: Cheryl Charles – #NatureForAll

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By Stefan van Norden and Charles Geoghegan

Nature Revisited is a podcast that explores our relationship with the natural world. It consists of interviews, stories, and discussions that highlight the notion that nature is not a place one goes to, but rather a place one is already a part of – that We Are Nature. Episode 73 is with Cheryl Charles, the Co-Founder of the Children & Nature Network and the international co-chair of #NatureForAll!


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Throughout her career, Cheryl Charles has focused on the well-being of children, families, communities, and the environment that supports us all. Considered one of the world leaders in the movement to connect children with nature, Cheryl is the Co-Founder of the Children & Nature Network and is international co-chair of #NatureForAll, a global campaign of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). In this episode of Nature Revisited, Cheryl talks about her career and her ongoing work for children, her new global effort to inspire love of nature, and how getting involved locally is the best way to begin acting globally.




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