The Leading Ladies of Families In Nature

Families in Nature (FiN) is a not-for-profit organisation based in Texas, USA whoffering environmental and outdoor education programs. Their vision is to inspire ALL families to fall in love with nature and foster the next generation of conservationists. As part of Women’s History Month they are highlight their small women led team.

Heather Kuhlken – Founder & Executive Director

Heather is a biologist and educator with a passion for mentoring the next generation of conservationists while connecting families to nature. She is the author of the book, Adventures in Ecology: A Guidebook to Inspire Environmental Literacy, Outdoor Adventure, and Nature Connection for All  which has over 1,100 hands-on, science-based activities for people of all ages to get outside together! Heather is a proud co-chair of #NatureForAll United States, as a Commissioner for Education and Communication with the IUCN, on the international task force for #NatureForAll. Her other passions include nature and underwater photography, scuba diving, basically being a fish and spending time exploring nature with her friends and family, especially her three sons!

Jennie Shields – Development Director

Jennie and her family have been members of Families in Nature for many years and now she gets to use her professional experience to be an advocate for FIN’s success and growth! In addition to having over 15 years of experience building relationships with clients, vendors and community, Jennie is also FIN’s in house pastry chef! As an instructor and director at Le Cordon Bleu for ten years, Jennie honed her skills writing and managing educational curriculum, hiring and developing faculty and managing student programs. When she is not working, Jennie is a long distance runner, professional baker, Cricut crafting whiz, and loves spending time with her family, extra points if it’s in nature!

Jordan Joly – Program Coordinator

Jordan Joly Families In Nature

Jordan is an outdoor guide and program creator with a passion for helping people remember their wildness. With a background in Animal Behavior and Anthrozoology, she has traveled from Rocky Mountain National Park to South Africa for field research and has developed conservation based curriculum for STEAM programs around Texas. She is a proudly certified Nature and Forest Therapy Guide, BCI bat walk ambassador, NASP archery instructor and more, excitedly learning and growing more every day! When Jordan is not leading families outside, she spends her time writing and performing music, gardening, swimming in any body of water deep enough and hiking with her 3 adventurous pups.


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