Beatriz Padilla’s story

Beatriz Padilla’s story

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Written by Beatriz Padilla








The most extraordinary trait of our planet is biodiversity, the dazzling intelligences, adaptations, synergies and breathtaking beauty of wild nature, true foundation of civilization. Wilderness  – the library of biodiversity –  is and will continue to be the sole focus of my art production. No other theme merits my time, energy, talents, resources, my life.





Mine is not art for the sake of art. Mine is art on a mission. I am an activist painter, a wilderness ambassador, an artist irretrievably in love with Earth’s flora, fauna, substrates and cycles. Out in the wild, quiet and fairly still, creatively immersed in nature for hefty continuums of time, my communion with the multiple dimensions of each habitat gains in depth as I endeavor to render homage to its millenary evolution and present-day significance, portraying its particular expression, its unique character, its sounds.





Ongoing, to date I have embarked on 32 painting expeditions to endangered and protected wild areas. From Tierra del Fuego to the Caribbean and continental United States, and from Europe to equatorial and southern Africa, all of my paintings speak of inspiring or alarming, always relevant nature conservation stories.

The project is not only about but also for the preservation of wild nature: my Wilderness Collection is to be auctioned in April 2022, when 65% of the proceeds shall be directly donated to nature conservation. From its inception, the project has been gearing for this auction and hence the number of pieces in the Collection has been increasing.





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