Meet conservation optimist Yaz Ellis

“Meet The Optimists” is a monthly blog series by Conservation Optimism which introduces conservationists working in different fields and contexts to our readers. We discuss their journeys into conservation, typical daily activities and reasons for hope. 

Yaz Ellis is an award-winning filmmaker and cinematographer based in Vienna, Austria. She focuses on creating films that show how wildlife is challenged by and adapting to human impact. Her latest film Beavers About Town follows a beaver family living under concrete stairs on the Danube. She and her co-director, Jack, spent 18 months filming and following the beavers throughout the seasons, observing new behaviour as they live in the city alongside humans. She was a part of the 2021 edition of the CO Good Natured Film Festival with her film Toads on the Roads and the 2022 edition with Wake Up and Smell the Flowers.

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