Parks Canada’s Climate Crew is on the case

Travel across Canada and get a first-hand look at the science, technology and conservation methods being employed by Parks Canada’s very own Climate Crew.

This YouTube mini-series, targeted at youth aged 11-14, focuses on Park Canada’s science and conservation work as it relates to climate change.

The series is a high paced combination of graphic novel style animation, in the field action-based footage, and interviews with Parks Canada experts, intended to leave its youth audience with a call-to-action and a feeling of hope. The stories highlight on-going science and conservation work from coast to coast to coast.

Watch Parks Canada’s Climate Crew in Banff National Park, Pacific Rim National Park Reserve, Prince Edward Island National Park, Saguenay-St. Lawrence Marine Park and Sirmilik National Park work with nature to reduce the effects of climate change, and to help us adapt.

Climate change impacts to Parks Canada-administered places are complex, and the Agency is committed to integrating climate change mitigation and adaptation actions into its work.

The network of protected areas in Canada plays an important role in helping to address impacts of climate change by protecting and restoring healthy, resilient ecosystems and contributing to the recovery of species at risk.

Parks and protected areas in Canada are part of a “nature-based solution” to climate change, as healthy ecosystems help nature and people adapt to climate change. These places conserve biodiversity, protect ecosystem services, connect landscapes, take up and store carbon, build knowledge and understanding, and inspire people.

In collaboration with Indigenous peoples and academics, Parks Canada is conducting important research within protected areas that contribute to our understanding of current and future climate change impacts.

Find out more about the series and check out these 8 things you should know about natural solutions to climate change.


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