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Sandi Schwartz​

Sandi Schwartz is an author, journalist, and mother of two. As the founder and director of the Ecohappiness Project, her mission is to inspire and educate families to build a nature habit to feel happier and calmer. Both her parenting book, Finding Ecohappiness: Fun Nature Activities to Help Your Kids Feel Happier and Calmer, and children’s book, Sky’s Search for Ecohappiness, are available now. Learn more at

Bethan Burton

Bethan Burton started Journaling With Nature Podcast, a show which explores all aspects of nature journaling through interviews with journalers from around the world. She loves having the chance to speak, from the heart, with people who love and connect with nature through the practice of nature journaling.

Ryan Greaves and Stephanie Murphy

BatChat, a series from the Bat Conservation Trust, interviews Ryan Greaves and Stephanie Murphy on the Knepp Castle Rewilding Estate, England, where 5 to 13 bat species inhabitate. They explain how bat surveys have evolved over the years such as their radio frequency tracking through infrared cameras.

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