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Outdoors Victoria

Active in Nature aims to enhance nature experiences for young people in Victoria, Australia’s public parks, fostering physical activity, well-being, and a deeper connection to nature. Delivered by Parks Victoria and Outdoors Victoria in partnership with VicHealth, this initiative engages young people in program design, ensuring inclusivity and accessibility. 

Carlos del Àngel Estrada Marcos

Carlos is passionate about nature, he is currently working on a project that aims to unite more people to the conservation of one of the most beautiful birds in the world “The Quetzal” and the habitat where it lives, the forests and jungles of the Biosphere Reserve El Triunfo, a protected area of international relevance located in a mountainous area of Chiapas, Mexico.

Susanne Brandt

Magic of Trees, a project by Susanne Brandt where they listen to the whispering of the trees and discover stories that live under the skin of the trees.
Translation: What are the trees talking about with the sky?
What song does the old forest sing?
There are whispers from the wind and bitter lamentations inside us, around us
Worry and questions, courage and vision
Not faded away yet…
What are the trees talking about with the sky?

Kishoka Youth Organization

This is a short film from Kenya that advocates for plastic pollution that destroy our marine ecosystem. Before plastics invaded our ocean how was it, now plastics make our fishermen poor and poorer.

Jai Sharma

Jai Sharma shares his love of forests in India.

Pem Zam

“My name is Pem Zam and I am a young officer working at the Royal Botanical Garden, Serbithang, Bhutan. I am a nature enthusiast and I was introduced to the concept of nature for all through a project with the Zhenphen Group (a group of youths with disabilities) and GEF, SGP, UNDP, Bhutan. Through that project, we at the National Biodiversity Center learned so much about disability and how nature should be for all and since then we have never stopped working towards making nature accessible for people with disabilities. We have worked on making the footpath accessible to all, redeveloping the garden signages, developing stories and spreading awareness on disability and nature. We have also secured an impact fund from the Australian Volunteers Program Impact Fund to support the project nature for all and this story is developed as a part of the awareness and advocacy project for nature and disability.”

Natagora - Nature Pour Tous

Inctvbe filmed this #lovenature moment during a guided walk through a forest in Belgium with Natagora-Nature pour tous  which works to make nature accessible to people with disabilities. 

Focus Ambientes Sostenibles

Focus Ambientes Sostenibles, from Uruguay, shared a relaxing moment in nature at Perino Merino Glacier, in Patagonia, Argentina.

Anthony Onyango

A short film to highlight the amazing work done by Kenya Wildlife Service to support Rhino conservation. Kosgeyi shares his love of being a wildlife hero in Kenya as a ranger at the Meru National Park’s Rhino sanctuary.
Thanks to the TonyWild Foundation team: Diana Jim (TonyWild WildIdea Researcher), Norah Rotich (Photographer and Filmmaker), Paul Patrick Kariuki (Photographer and Filmmaker), Nick (Logistics and Support) and founder of TonyWild foundation, Anthony Onyango.

Galapagos Infinito

Galapagos Infinito’s Ocean Classrooms transform tourist yachts into educational spaces for local children. Thanks to the support of tour operators, they create unique opportunities to connect with the sea, the Galapagos Islands and nature. 

This is a series of 3 videos about transforming adversity into opportunity, allowing children to connect with tourists resulting in an enriching experience for both.

From Galapagos Infinito’s perspective

From the tourist’s perspective

From the children’s perspective

Felipe Custer

Felipe Custer lives and works on Easter Island. His work focuses on advancing sustainable development goals, primarily through environmental restoration and empowering young people as changemakers. He recently help youth create and narrate a series of short videos, addressing key issues like soil and water conservation, as well as the importance of plants and trees. The youth hope to get the message out to inspire young changemakers elsewhere.

Personal Nature Love Stories from participants at the IUCN Africa Protected Areas Congress (APAC) in Kigali, Rwanda

More #NatureLoveStory videos inspired by past storytelling initiatives

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