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The Nature Storybook Toolkit is a free, online tutorial designed to help people create, and share, a professional-looking video that allows them to share their love of nature globally. This five-part course is broken down into a series of short videos, meaning you can follow along at your own pace. Follow along with Ian, as he learns how to create his own video! It was made possible by the IUCN Commission on Education and Communications  and Parks Canada


Introduction to Storybook Toolkit from IUCN Commission on Education and Communications member Gaby Princivil. 

Module 1 Guide – Introduction and Index

Get Started!

The following videos will walk you through writing your script, learning about ethics, recording, editing and distributing your final video. Have fun, and we look forward to seeing, and sharing your love of nature story!

Join Ian Nigh, a green builder in Mexico, as he shares how he learned to create his own video using just a cellphone.

Module 2 Guide 
Write your script

2.0 – Introduction to script writing

2.1 – One-scene video

2.2 – Complex story

2.3 – Finalizing your script

3.0 – Ethics

Module 4 Guide 
Record your video 

4.1 – What to wear

4.2 – Light and sound

4.3 – Recording mode & tripod

4.4 – Angles and framing

4.5 – Focusing the camera

4.6 – Recording your story

4.7 – Recording one scene video

Module 5 Guide 
Edit your video 

5.1 – Editing apps

5.2 – Reccomendations

5.3 – Additional resources

5.4 – Ian’s final project

Module 6 Guide 
Share your video 

6.0 – Distribution

Thank you and goodbye! 

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