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The CitiesWithNature Action Platform showcases what cities from around the world are doing to contribute to global nature goals. It can help cities helps cities navigate the global biodiversity targets, see what areas they can take action in, showcase their work as a city and set specific targets for their city.

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Enter the AIPH World Green City Awards 2024The awards recognise and celebrate bold and innovative action that harnesses the power of plants and nature to create greener, healthier, and more resilient cities.  Deadline for submissions is on Sept. 15, 2023.

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There are significant connections between our urban landscapes and the health and resilience of the larger surrounding environment. Nature can not only redefine and shape our cities now, but it can help to define the future of our cities and planet.

Urban Nature can be understood as areas in urban environments that are home to plants and non-human animals. Urban nature is not just dedicated recreational space such as public parks, but other types of informal green spaces, for example, green streetscapes, nature areas, roof gardens and community gardens.

Plants play an important role in greening cities. Without them, there is no nature. If the right plants are planted in the right places, there can be multiple benefits for urban communities. By inviting more plants into our increasingly urban lives, whether in our living rooms or in the public realm, we build stronger connections with the natural world that ultimately sustains us and our planet.

World Urban Parks, with the support from Parks Canada, published a report for #NatureForAll on the importance of nature cities around the world.

The #NatureForAll Report on Urban Nature explores what urban nature is, the importance of  urban nature and the benefits of urban nature on climate as well as on public health.

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Experience urban nature through forest bathing.

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