Find nature in your backyard

BackyardBio is back this May! This global nature campaign encourages classrooms and families to get outdoors all month long looking for all the local wildlife they can find, documenting it through photos or sketches and sharing their discoveries with the world!

No matter where you live you’re surrounded by a profusion of incredible¬†living things, and BackyardBio is about bringing people closer to that life to showcase its wonder and to foster appreciation for the diversity on planet earth.

Spend a day or even just ten minutes outside sometime in May taking note of all you can find – insects, birds, plants, fungi – anything! Take a picture or draw what you find, and share it on social media with #backyardbio, on INaturalist to join a global citizen science data bank or through direct international class connections to join in a shared love of nature where your kids are the experts! Register at and join the adventure!

Testimonials from past events

“We were in front of a screen A LOT this year, and this was a great way to get them outside, experience nature, and sharing what they found. Thank you for all of the work that went into organizing this program. It is TRULY appreciated!”

“The children were so engaged about the project that they went home and told their families, and those siblings approached their teachers asking if they could participate.”

“I have personally started using Seek and iNaturalist in tandem and I love recognizing more of my local flora! I am proud to be able to participate in citizen science. Thanks for the inspiration and motivation!”

“I definitely had some snap happy kids, loose in their neighborhoods! I was amaze by some of the amazing shots! Our connection with India was amazing! Thanks so much!”


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