Learning by Playing with Seabirds

Learning by Playing with Seabirds

This post was first published on Biosfera. It is posted here with the permission of the authors.

As part of the awareness and environmental education program, Biosfera visited some summer camps in São Vicente, namely the Mindelo Free Academy of Integrated Arts (ALAIM) and the Educational Center «Crescer com Valores», in order to raise awareness among the little ones about the importance of environmental preservation, in a playful and creative way, as all children had the opportunity to play with the new educational games produced by Biosfera. Additionally, other themes were discussed, such as: Seabirds, Sea Turtles and Pollution, as a way to raise awareness among the little ones for behavioral changes in relation to nature.

In this sense, Biosfera, in partnership with Airports and Air Safety (ASA), social activist Balta Ben David and the Delegation of the Ministry of Education of São Vicente, launched an environmental awareness campaign aimed at Primary and Secondary schools in the fishing communities of São Pedro, Salamansa and Calhau. This campaign consists of creating an artistic mural on each of these schools as a way to raise awareness among children and the community about environmental preservation. The first school to receive the mural was São Pedro, where the graphic artist David Leone Monteiro painted a Shearwater, one of Cabo Verde’s most emblematic seabirds.

In parallel to the painting of the mural, the school’s protective railing was also restored by Biosfera’s employees, who gave their contribution by painting the railings, in an initiative that relied on the prompt collaboration of the Industrial Paint Society (SITA), which provided free paints and other materials to complete the task.



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