Meet Joe Arko, a Mind Your Plastic Hero

This article is published here with permission from Mind Your Plastics.

Joe Arko is a mindset and life performance coach, an international speaker, proud dad and spouse.

He has been working with people for 24 years ranging from UFC fighters, pro athletes, executives, and entrepreneurs. He’s spoken across the globe from Australia, Europe, and all over North America. He’s also a published author, has hosted two TV shows, and was awarded the 2017 International Trainer of the Year.

He loves hiking, being outdoors, learning new things, archery, drumming, and exploring new areas and restaurants. But when it comes to the environment, one of his favorite things to do is to get up early in the morning and clean the park and basketball courts near his house.

“Over two years ago, I went to the park one day to meditate. I sat on the bench to relax and became aware of all the bottles and litter all around me. I didn’t like how it made me feel and found it hard to relax. So, I decided to clean up the area and I loved the way it immediately made me feel better. That’s when I decided I wanted other people to feel the same way when they came to the park,” he says.

Read Joe’s full story and his inspiration for his work (spoiler, it’s his grandmother!) here.


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