Frequently Asked Questions


#NatureForAll was formally launched on September 2nd at the 2016 International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN; the world’s oldest and largest environmental conservation organization) World Conservation Congress in Hawai’i.

 #NatureForAll is a global movement to inspire love of nature. At its core is a very simple idea: the more people experience, connect with, and share their love of nature, the more support and action there will be for its conservation. The mission of #NatureForAll is simple, yet powerful – working together, we will help create a culture of conservation and a diversity of opportunities enabling new audiences and constituencies to fall in love with nature.

What does #NatureForAll do?

#NatureForAll was created to help grow the important work each of its partners undertakes to connect people and nature exponentially. Rather than providing a “one size fits all” solution, #NatureForAll aims to foster enabling environments to reduce barriers and connect people with nature in different regions, contexts and realities. Through partnership, we share knowledge, strategies, and actions - amplifying our collective reach and impact to engage new audiences to connect with and fall in love with nature.

What are the goals of #NatureForAll?

The goal of #NatureForAll is quite simple – to build the constituency of support and action for nature conservation. #NatureForAll aims to create the next generation of stewards who know and care about the natural world by connecting people (e.g., youth, urban dwellers, newcomers, Indigenous people) with nature. We plan to meet this goal by continuing to raise awareness and motivating people to embrace nature and its values.

What are the strategies of #NatureForAll?

Seven strategies have been developed by #NatureForAll to help organisations like ours do our work better. These are based on recommendations received at the 2014 IUCN World Parks Congress and the 2016 IUCN World Conservation Congress, and advice of #NatureForAll partners worldwide. They will continue to evolve over time. Not every strategy may be applicable in every situation, so choose the one(s) that work best for you in your local context:

  1. Bring children into nature at an early age.
  2. Find and share the fun in nature.
  3. Use urban gateways to nature. 
  4. Embrace technology.
  5. Share cultural roots and ancestry in nature.
  6. Seek out diverse partnerships.
  7. Empower a new generation of leaders.

Why does the title of the #NatureForAll movement have a hashtag?

#NatureForAll acknowledges the importance of technology as a tool to connect people with each other. Technology can facilitate and encourage moments of connection between people and nature through engaging new audiences, supporting learning, and sharing experiences across social media platforms.  #NatureForAll is continuing to find new ways to use technology as a bridge rather than a barrier to nature!

What is a major achievement of #NatureForAll?

#NatureForAll partners including Parks Canada, UN Environment, and others have collaborated to develop the #NatureForAll Playbook. The #NatureForAll Playbook is a guide to inspire actions that everyone can take to connect a new generation with nature. The Playbook encourages participation in Nature Plays: actions that get people outside. Plays can be as easy as taking a kid to the local park, or as ambitious as starting a new nature school. Anything goes! The goal of the Playbook is to reach outside traditional spheres of parks and conservation, to share this message with a wider audience.

The #NatureForAll Playbook is now being shared globally to help individuals, communities, and organizations connect new audiences with nature. 

Who are the partners of the #NatureForAll movement?

#NatureForAll partners are demonstrating the many exciting ways that we can come together and inspire support and action for conservation. The movement is driven by an IUCN-led coalition of partners who represent a variety of sectors – conservation, health, urban, protected areas, communications, technology, education, arts, tourism, science, youth, women’s organizations and networks, and more. #NatureForAll currently has over 190 partners consisting of government agencies, international/multi-lateral agencies, non-organizations, and other sectors.

Visit our website to view all the #NatureForAll partners.

 Can your organization be a partner of the #NatureForAll movement?

Yes! Successful growth of the #NatureForAll movement will rely on a wide spectrum of partners undertaking actions big and small. From using the #NatureForAll hashtag, to arranging a school trip, to funding a #NatureForAll program, or to launching a continent-wide initiative, we can all inspire universal love, support, and action for nature.

What are actions your organization can take today to contribute to the #NatureForAll movement?

Spread the word! Use the #NatureForAll hashtag on social media, share the #NatureForAll vision with your existing and new partners, and submit your #NatureForAll success story.

How can I stay up to date with #NatureForAll news and upcoming events?

Stay up to date on the latest #NatureForAll news and upcoming events and programs by signing up to the #NatureForAll mailing list. The news page on the #NatureForAll website is frequently updated. We also invite you to follow #NatureForAll on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.